Yellow on new set of leaves

Hoping someone could tell why this plant is turning yellow? I see yellow on edges of one more plant. Some edges that are curling up too…but not the yellow ones. Thanks

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What’s the pH/PPM/temp of your reservoir? How do the roots look?

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Good morning,

DWC bucket-80 degree’s


Roots are white and look healthy.

Could be a bit early to transfer to the dwc, I do this all the time and kill the plant.

Are the roots making it thru the net pots into the water yet? I try to let them get a few tiers of growth on them before transferring. Also I use an aerogarden as a seedling starter, or a bubbler system for the clones.

As stated tho I let them grow a bit before transferring since I constantly kill them when they are that tiny.

80 might be a little warm, no? I’m a soil/coco guy, but I’ve read in DWC, roots are happier under 72.

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Here are pic’s from 3 more plants. I thought maybe it was ca/mag issue because I’m using RO water. I have added cal/mag. Maybe not enough?? I am now seeing this on most of my plants. Any help is appreciated. Can loose this crop…fighting cancer.

water temp 72-75
PH 5.8-6.0
TDS 400-550 - maintaining depending on size of plant.!


Here is one more picture. Maybe I have 2 issues?

I’d feed a little more cal/mag, but what’s the temperature at the leaves? It looks like they’re curling up on the margins, like it’s a little hot or dry.

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I just added 1TBS of Epson salts and will be changing the water in the older plants. Is it ok to add cal/mag and epsom salts together…the later for sulfur? I am having a terrible time getting the humidity up higher than 41. And that is with a humidifier. Lights are 2-1200 watt Full spectrum LED’s. Room temp is maintaining 72-78. Any thoughts? Thank you

Yes, that’s okay to add both together, just don’t go over the PPM you’re aiming for is all. How humid is the room the tent is in? The humidifier will work better to humidify the whole room, since the exhaust is constantly drawing fresh air in and heat/humidity out. You can try adjusting the airflow in and out of the tent, too.

Which LEDs do you have? Depending, they may be too much light for your plants at this age, or perhaps too close/intense, causing the leaves to look like that. The humidity is a little low, but that alone shouldn’t do that. And low humidity will be your friend once they get packed with buds.