Yellow, not light green - help please

First outdoor grow of autos: three FastBuds’ Strawberry Pie. Two of them are showing yellow patches, which are definitely not the light green of new growth. Could not match the symptoms to existing deficiency charts, etc.

(You’ll also see critter damage in the form of little holes on some of the older leaves, which has been treated with Grow Safe.)

FF Happy Frog soil in 3-gallon fabric bags, FF nutes according to schedule.
What is going on? We already lost a Grapefruit auto after the same problem started with it, and we don’t want to lose more.

Thank you to all who respond.

I’m seeing yellow on the new growth (That’s normal. The chlorophyll production will catch up.) and one leaf with a yellow area. What happened on the Grapefruit? Was it a progressive yellowing from the inside to the outside?

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Yes, it was progressive until the leaves turned brown and died. That’s why I’m so concerned that these are showing signs of doing the exact same thing. Truth be told, I may not have dialed in the Ph properly on earlier feedings. 6.5 is still considered optimal for outdoor autos in soil, yes? Previous times may have been closer to 6.0. They’re due for a feeding tomorrow. Other than ensuring a good 6.5, what else might get them beyond this yellowing? As you can see, the top one is flowering, but the bottom one is in pre-flower.

Before you change anything, establish a plan. Don’t change a lot and don’t make drastic changes. Your ph levels seem OK and I wouldn’t start there. Maybe what is (or is not) in your water? I only use rain, well or spring water. Our tap water has chloride in it and we stunted a whole year of growth because we concentrated on ph levels. Funny thing though, we didn’t have the critter problems.

Your plants are otherwise looking healthy. If you could place them in a larger pot that would probably be a good idea. I place my smaller fabric pots into larger pots. There is no stress on the transplant because there is no transplant. The roots will reach the fabric and grow through into the new pot.

Maybe instead of feeding, try flushing. I always feed my plants at lower levels than recommended. 1/2 or even 1/4 strength. I only use Happy Frog dry amendments or Alaska fish emulsion. Other than a little bit of epsom salts and egg shells in my teas, that’s all I feed them.