Yellow leaves

I know that yellow leaves indicates over watering. However I am growing auto flowering seeds. I have a plant in the budding stage and a little at a time the “fan” leaves and ONLY the “fan” are turning yellow and I of course remove them. I can’t be overwatering, that is out of the question. Is this a characteristic trait of auto flowering plants???

All fan leaves on all plants yellow in bloom phase due to plant using the stored nutrition in the leaves. this is an indication of the plant maturing and becoming ready to harvest in the near future.

It is not recommended to remove leaves. They should just fall off.

My plants are getting yellow spots, what is causing this???

This is most likely due to a nutrient deficiency. In some cases it could be caused by a disease.

Here are some links to information on deficiencies that may help and if you have any more questions feel free to ask.

As this question is a little different than the all “yellow leaves”, it might be better started under nutrients or diseases.