Yellow leaves with brown tips

Hi, I’m new to growing but have a few plants growing in coco with a 600w hps light. My babies are 1.5 weeks old and the leaves are yellowing with brown tip. My ph level is 6 and not sure what the problem is. Any help would be greatly appreciated

Also what is the white stuff on top of the soil to the left?

Hey mate ph should be ok. I run mine lower but thats me n im in a dwc. At this stage they only need a little water. Let the coir lighten before you water again.
How close is your light? Do u have a fan to move the air? Have you feed her anything?

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Thanks for the reply. The light is 4- 5 inches above the plants and I have the cooltube light system. Room temperature is 27° with 44% humidity. I’m used canna a+b 2 days ago and gave them the dose canna say on there calculations for plants of my age. Watered them with it till run off and only Watered again today with clean water of ph 5.8. Only a little water though.

Also have 2 fans moving air around the tent.

Can u send pic. I think lights to close mate.
I also believe that you need to lay off the nutes. Try send a pic.
Id flush it mate like you did this morning on your next feed. Im no pro. Info ive given is what id do from what ive heard.
You will get some good replys here. Actually @Hammer or @Paranorman will be better help then me. Hammer has great knoledge andcwhat ive read of his is easy to understand.

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@yoshi and hammer i ment to write sorry. But these blokes have blown me away with stuff ive read. Very knoledgable green thumbs

…sorry, I’ll try harder ! :wink:

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That size light even with cool tube is way to close and nutrents to soon unless you really got a handle on seedlings and what you can get away with …feeding charts shouldnt have info for seedlings …think of all the dead seedling that could of been saved


That young you only need to mist them with a spray bottle . I did this to mine when I first started to grow but I use soil so I am not sure how much water coco will hold but you can starve a plant of oxygen by watering to much . Good luck


Hey mate. I wasnt meaning anything against u bud. Before i posted that post i was reading posts from both growers i suggested. I seen your name in a post and accidentally wrote wrong name.
Im reasonably new to forum’s. And internet.

No offense taken ?! (I added the :wink:) LOL occasionally I attempt humor, but I suspect my sense of it is a bit dry ? Those are both fine growers, I query them often as well

  • best wishes

Aww shucks now iam blushing or is it my new strawberry kush ?:grin::blush: And Paranormam is good as well .Hammer and thanx again …