Yellow leaves with brown spots

Hey, I need some help. I have 2 Alaskan purples(Auto Flower).They are in 5 gallon pots with coco pearl medium. In a 32x32x60 with a 1200w king plus LED. I have some yellow/lime greenish leaves. Some of them have browning showing up. Most of this is happening on the bigger/ older leaves. Also the leaves at the top of the plant are starting to curl upwards. Seems like all the browning showed up over night. Also they have purpling on the stems. My guess is that there are multiple things going wrong at once. Thanks for the help in advance! :+1:t3:

We need to see the plant in natural light. I can’t see Jack with this picture.

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Ok I’ll get a better picture

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-Alaskan purple from seedsman seeds bank

-coco pearl with about 4 inches of fox farm soil in the bottom because I didn’t have enough coco

-5 gallon cloth pots

-ph runoff was at 6.3 when I flushed 2 days ago


-1200 watt king plus led

-temps have been pretty consistent between 77-80

-Humidity 55-60

-4” charcoal filer vented out of the room.

-small dehumidifier

-Co2 bag

-I’m not sure what the ppm is in my nutes. I’m using GH flora treo for nutes.

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You need to know what your TDS is. If you don’t have a meter you should purchase one immediately. They are inexpensive and invaluable; especially in media like coco.

You can discontinue the CO2 as it is a waste of time and space. Unless you have a closed system (air recirculation) the amount of CO2 delivered is miniscule. In addition: CO2 is only effective in very high PPFD lights and you do not have them.

If this is your light it is only delivering about 200 watts. You will need 50 watts/square foot with this type of light and that’s plug watts: not what the manufacturer told you.

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What light do you recommend? And do you have an idea what’s going on with the leaf curling and browning going on with my plant?

In my opinion you should drop your temps. 77-80 is kind of high you should live around 72-75 and definitely drop your humidity down to 45-49. Your current temp and humidity is ripe for fungal growth. (You don’t have a fungus btw) BUT you should adjust your environment to make your girl happy.
You absolutely need to get an EC or PPM meter. We need to know the readings of your nutes going in and the runoff coming out.

Also, what solution are you mixing? Like how many ml/G (or however you’re measuring), how often are you feeding/watering?

You keep recommending humidity/temps that do not line up with each other. As growers, we need to be aware of our Vapor Pressure Deficit.

With a pH run-off of 6.3, that’s a bit high for coco, but not too far out of range.

Looks like multiple nutrient issues.

Week one
2ml cal mag
1ml micro
1ml gro
.5ml bloom

Week 2 and 3
2ml cal mag
2.5ml micro
2 ml gro
1ml bloom

Week 4
2ml Cal mag
2ml Micro
1ml Gro
2ml Bloom

Week 5 and 6
2ml Cal mag
2ml Micro
.5ml Gro
2ml Bloom

Week 7
2ml micro
4ml bloom

Week 8 will be for flushing

Those mixtures are per gallon. PH 5.5-6.5 every time.

I’ve been watering every other day. And every other time they get watered they get nutes so every 4th day they get nutes.

I’m pretty much wondering what’s going on so I don’t do it again and a solution!