Yellow leaves on top and bud shoots

Yes I have a question for you more expert growers. I have a 7x7 room with 2 1000w led lights but my problem is that my top and leaves are turning yellow and starting to curl a little an looks like the bud shoots are turn a little too an a couple little leaves here an there are too but not all my plants doin it though??

A lighter green or even yellowish is normal for newer growth where chlorophyll hasn’t had a chance to do its thing yet.

Could be any of a number of things. Pictures (taken under natural lighting) would be helpful.

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I pulled it off this morning to bring down stairs to ask u all

Of course it’s done wilting since then but the colors are bout the same. The little bit of brownish color is where turning up

Right now it is there 12 hrs off dont wanna go back up in my attic where I built my room to wake them

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Ok my room is a 7x7 I built with a 1000w led and a 1200 led my room temp stays between 75 to 85 degree and 70 at night I got a little ice ac thing I load ice into every morning an the RH is high between 55% alway to 80% which I know is high an I’m in 2nd week of flower

Eighty percent will be too high for flowering and it will lead to other problems. It isn’t the yellowish new growth I spoke of previously. It looks like it may be overwatering or pH problems. It could be nute problems too though. Can you tell us about your feeding and watering practices and what your runoff pH is? Answers to the full support ticket info will help us help you.

I took pic of it on wrong fone sry if not perfect but had to take a pic of a pic on my other fone