Yellow leaves on my seedlings



Have you ever given them any fertilizer?


They really shouldn’t need fertilizer but if they have been growing slowly they might have used up all of what mother nature gave them.


Yes I have, a weak solution of fish emulsion and some watered down cow dung soaked in water for months.
They are about 25 days old.


How much light are they getting?


The medium they’re I’m looks pretty dry


Outdoor grow, live in Northern Australia,
About 12 hours a day


Yes it’s hot 40 degrees Celsius, misting most days and water every second day.
Was thinking maybe over watered.


Could be nitrogen deficiency


I’m relatively new to this myself but from what I can understand is if you’re using a soil with good nutrients in it then you should not give the seedling anything until, I think, after 4th or 5th node appears, but even then I wait longer. I use Happy Frog and ocean Forest mix so I don’t give them any nutes until about 4 or 5 weeks of vegging.
The second thought is maybe they’re not getting enough water. You mentioned it’s real hot where you are? That could be an issue. You may want to check the soil to make sure it isn’t too dry.
And then last but not least pH. I grow in soil so I water and mist my plant with a pH between 6.3 and 6.8. I’m usually shooting for 6.5 though.
Sorry I can’t be of more help like I said I’m new to this so some pros may have some things to correct that I said or add to.
Happy growing and good luck!


I noticed your new. Welcome to The Forum. I’m pretty new myself I joined in December. I can tell you this don’t be afraid to post any questions. Ask anything. Remember we all had to start learning at some point. The second best piece of advice I can give is to write everything down. Get a notebook and start a journal or what I do is use a little calendar notebook. Anyway welcome and congratulations you seriously joined the most educated, polite ,knowledgeable, diverse, down-to-earth forum on the internet. This site is invaluable. Anyway welcome
and one more side note read read and read some more. The website and the guides and the forum are second to none. If you get questions post them. Have a nice night


Normally, this is correct, I personally wait till leaf sets 4 or 5. In a perfect world you almost don’t need to administer nutrients until flower.

You need to consider that if there are other things that could stunt the plants growth that it might use up those stored nutrients in that time. When I first started growing I had several plants that stayed about 2" tall for over a month. Their leaves had begun to yellow and they weren’t putting out any new leaves. They had been stunted by numerous factors and had used up their nute reserves in that time. A very small amount of nutes (like 10% strength) got those little guys up and going again.

To me it looks like all this plants reserves are gone combined with a little too much heat. A shade screen could help those guys too.

SHANS Shade Cloth Fabric Black 40% Sunshine Ultraviolet blocking rate free Clips (10ft x 10ft)


You’re absolutely right its fourth and fifth nodes I believe. My bad. I was just reading my notes and noticed my error. I corrected it in the post. Thanks for the heads up.


No sweat buddy


Morning, thanks for the warm welcome.
Will take your advice and research some more on all things Green.
Will invest in some sort of PH testing apparatus.
Live in the bush so will take about 2 weeks to get here.
Gave them a good water last night, but still look like they are over watered except only leaves droopy and twisted put stems of leaves still standing up right.
Thanks again and have a nice day.


Morning, thanks for your responses.
I have been moving my babies around so as to get direct sunlight as much as possible during the day, so yeah not much shade at all all day.
Will place them were they get morning sunshine and some shade from midday on till dusk. It’s very hot here and the potting mix does dry very fast.
I will give them another dose of weak nutrition am using an organic boost mix. Thinking that I maybe flushing out the nutrition because of constant watering.
Am a little concerned that I may overdose them.
Strains are Power Africa and Early Skunk and So Mango. All are tropical plants so should do well in this climate.
Thanks again for your help much appreciated
Have a great day


Is this nutrition mix ok


I’ve never used it before, PK seems a little low to me,. I would recommend using either the general hydroponics Flora trio or foxfarms three part nutrient line. Both have been tried and tested on Mj plants. I know you are in Australia so I don’t know how hard it would be for you


He’s out in the bush so I think it’s tough to get some things and probably expensive for everything lol.

Looks like watering and heat. They like temperatures that people are comfortable with. 30° C or so. Partial shade is a great idea.


That was what I was going to use for the veg stage, and this for the flowers.

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