Yellow leaves on bottom

Is it ok if leaves on very bottom turn yellow? My guess would be from night getting enough light or is it calcium or magnesium deficiency? I don’t understand how you know for sure

Pictures or it dint happen! And the answer is … yes yellow leaves can be normal at the very bottom of your plants

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Bottom yellowing is usually cannibalism on the plants part

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Ty. I’ll get pics soon

Canabilism as in plants not getting enough of something so it’s eating bottom leaves?

The plant uses the nutrients stored in the mature leaf. Perfectly normal. Think of it as when your body burns fat for fuel.

That’s the question you gotta answer by keeping an eye on her and reading what she tells you.

Does she want fed more or is it natural decay?


Here’s a bunch of photos at different angles

Perfectly normal. The leaf has done it’s job and is shedding as it has no more to give. Nice even fade to yellow. Looks great so far.

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How do you know if she wants to be fed more?

No I’m not sure, you got data from last month?

Haven’t fed in a while as it’s fox farm ocean forest and last time I did a weak dose, still had leaf burn on tips