Yellow leaves, needs nitrogen I think?

Hey guys, the last couple of days I’ve noticed a couple of totally yellow/crispy looking leaves on my girls. I’m guessing it’s needing nitrogen finally. The issue is my current pH pen is not accurate and the aperia I ordered still hasn’t made it thanks to Amazon. Paid for overnight the weekend before last and still waiting. Sons…of … Anyhow, what do I need to do? I can post pics in a couple hours assuming some more have yellowed. It’s older, lower growth and all but one seemed to be small ones at the bottom of the plants. Do I need to just throw a shot of nitrogen in when I water tonight or will it be wasted if my pH is off?

It will not only be wasted, it could also throw off ur soil’s pH to the point of a total lockout. U dont want that.

Do u have a picture? It maynot be as bad as u think

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@PurpNGold74 light on in an hour, I will grab a pic then. The damage isn’t extreme, and otherwise they are flowering nicely. Just something I noticed. I was clearing out the bottoms a little and noticed it twice now so I’m expecting more tonight. Hope I’m wrong lol.

Yea the speed which things turn can be scary. But have faith. Ill be around (hopefully) and if its bad enough, we’ll try to find u a freehand feed :joy: if it exists.

What nutes do u use again?

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@PurpNGold74 I have the fox farm trio and cal mag growing in happy frog soil. I was doing nitrogen only and had some burning so cut it out. Was educated on cal mag and began just doing that every other watering and now since my pH is shot and inaccurate I’m stuck with no nutes at the moment except cal mag every other watering until my new pH meter arrives.

Can u tell me what’s wrong with my girls please

What kind of soil is that? And and how bog of pots for how old of plants?

@PurpNGold74 here are a couple of the problem leaves. Not as many were like this as I feared but definitely still occuring. Otherwise looking healthy tho overall to my untrained eye.

this is one that fell off before lights on i believe
but they are still forming flowers and I think they are healthy looking so there is that lol. Calling Amazon to raise hell soon too.

Yup. Not so bad my guy. Those lowers wont really be on there as she flowers. They are mini batteries/storage anyway.

U have time before u panic n push food into her.

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@PurpNGold74 cool I’m hoping to have my meter by the weekend and can start worrying about the nutes lol. When would you say is safe to remove some of that smaller stuff at the bottom? I want to say someone said after 2 weeks in flower it is ok to remove it but I don’t want to mess up at this stage either lol.

Usually yes you want to remove slowly so it can focus on bud development with priority placements.

But this occasion right here is why i leave more fan leaves on them most people. I know a bit about growing. But am HORRIBLE at the practice and timing it takes. My plants creep across the finish. But its those fan leaves that save my bacon time and time again. When they shrivel and come off without even a yank, their done. But until u get ur feed situation in order, let them stay

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@PurpNGold74 that’s the plan then. At this stage, it’s my first grow and I’ve discovered I’m the super paranoid and worried type of grower. I stress, but then procrastinate so I don’t make things worse. I still have a leaf from super early on I never pulled. It was a nute issue and was still over 50% green. Kept waiting for it to yellow in out and it never did lol.

That means u fixed the problem. My plant pics have ugly leaves i leave on to check progress n lack of water. Every now and again i pop em off for cute pictures and let em go for a while again

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@PurpNGold74 man a Skywalker is looking rough tonight. A few leaves yellowed last night. Amazon still hasn’t brought my pH meter. Should be here by Sunday. They are yellow and a couple have brown dots. No signs of pests tho, I’m thinking nutes and thinking it’d nitrogen deficiency and the brown spots are magnesium? Any thoughts on this?

@Covertgrower @Myfriendis410 @MrPeat

Where are the dots? The yellowing is nitrogen definitely. On the yellow leaves? She’s eating herself missing those meals. Got a full plant pic?

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Some is just normal under canopy that dies off when it just doesn’t get enough light.
Other part of that story is lack of nitrogen like purp said.

I agree. You have time to wait on Amazon. Those yellow leaves can be removed.

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@Covertgrower @PurpNGold74

Will take more pics when I get home. The yellowing is escalating up the plant and the brown spots are tiny dots and not look too bad yet. Was afraid of the nitrogen deficiency but hopefully they get my meter this weekend and can heal these ladies before it’s too bad.

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Maybe here possibly.


@MrPeat yup that ink pen sized dot on the yellow leaf in the top left is exactly one of the spots.

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