Yellow leaves need help

This just started about 3 days ago.
WW in ffof. Seeds popped Nov 8th. Indoor grow. Havent started nutes but do have the trio. Only appears to be happening on the 1 plant. Currently 18/6 light and was planning 12/12 in 5 days.

Ocean Forest is already a pretty rich soil. Some say it’s too hot for seedlings. How long has this been vegetative? I’m gonna let someone else judge the excess/deficiency here, but I’d caution you on adding any more nutrients.

Edit: I see the plant is about 6 weeks from seed.

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@Moose5150 It looks like nitrogen deficiency to me. I maybe wrong.

If that’s the case, I’d want to know what pH water is going in, and what the pH of the runoff is. Ocean Forest is unlikely to allow nitrogen deficiency, IMO, unless there’s a mitigating circumstance.

At 6 weeks, most of the nutrients will be gone out of FFOF as it’s not designed to have a 2 to 3 month supply of nutrients in the soil.

That looks like a 1 or 2 gallon pot to me. Probably a good idea to check the roots and repot to a 5 gallon container.

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Thanks for the replies. My 1st grow here. The pot is 1 gallon. I was trying to keep the plants small and was told I could keep it in 1 gallon. So do I need to repot bigger? I dont know my ph. Need to buy a meter. Suggestions?

Ok I just learned how to @ LOL

Absolutely need a bigger pot. I would never go under a 3 gallon pot personally.


Hmmm. Your plant is gonna get 2-3x bigger in flower. If you didn’t anticipate that, it’s okay. Still salvageable.

Can you tell us:

  • Your make/model of light
  • Your max grow area (depth, width, height)


Hydrocrunch 600 and hydrocrunch 300.
I know, I know. Reading here the lights will need to be changed for future grows. Grow room is a utility room.

If you could add a 600w hps right now, combined with transplanting to a 3 gallon pot, that might cover you.

Don’t do anything drastic based on my advice, but aggressive pruning might be necessary. I’ll let others chime in because I haven’t dealt with this situation before.

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All good advice. Based on the size of the space I would pot up to 3’s, give em a week to recover, then put them in to 12/12. They are gonna stretch like crazy so be ready for it.


I would do exactly the same as @Myfriendis410 suggests.

If you want to make sure you won’t have any deficiencies you could even go to a 5 gallon pot.

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@Myfriendis410 @AAA

So I transplanted to 3 gallon today. Lots of roots showing. Going to go to 12/12 in a week. I know it’s been suggested to add lights. Do you think I can get by with what I have or do I definitely need to add? Also any advice on watering schedule and nutes? I do have trio on hand. Thanks all!

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@Moose5150 Give it a week after transplanting. She will be a little shell shocked so you don’t want her to go down hill by adding nutrients to early after transplanting.

A week will go by fast. Let the plant recover some as that was some nasty couple yellow leaves.

The first pic looked like nitrogen deficiency to me too. Check your pH. It can cause problems despite what nutrients are available in your soil. The rest of the plant (I noted as dark green and waxy) looks like it had been getting plenty of nitrogen.

pH is the first place I’d go. I had a very similar problem just yesterday with my pH locking out nutes.

You have 450 watts or so of lights (from the plug) and you are ultimately going to need 50 watts/square foot to flower out well. Not knowing your space I can’t give you an answer.

I would add more light, but it’s your money. Throw into consideration what a single 1000w hps or 2 600w hps lamps would do for yield compared to what you have currently. If heat won’t be an issue, then that’s a cheaper route to success in the short term.

LED tech is getting better all the time, so waiting to buy state of the art will pay off. Consider it. Don’t make any hasty decisions.

Looks like the space is 3’ x 2.5’ ish so I should be good correct?

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