Yellow leaves, low PH


I got hit by a downpour or two as well. They seem fine


Oh, yeah! But it’s only a major issue in flower and usually late flower. Powdery mildew is in most areas and once it takes hold it’s tough.


Thanks @Myfriendis410 for the tag . But I’m sure that wasn’t me .


I wonder who that was…pretty slick idea and it works well.


who has 30-40 gallons of water? do you have this much saves in buckets? Our water has chlorine in it, can I use this?


i use 3 gallon fabric pots and usually only have to run about 5-6 gallons through it. but have a tds meter also to tell how many ppms or salts are left in the soil while i flush. and also i do use city water and leave it sit out couple days before i use it and have 20 gallons on hand most of the time. hope this helps


My situation allows me to take the plants outside. I use the garden hose. Our muni water has chlorine but not chloramines so when I’m done running the garden hose I finish with de-chlorinated, PH’d water to allow the root mass to sit in the correct liquid after flushing. I do it on the lawn and move them around to utilize the waste water.

I realize not everyone’s situation would allow that but my friend here puts his in the bathtub.


I have my plants sitting in large plastic bins. They’ll hold 6+ gallons of runoff. I use a hose for the major part of the flush, continually wet vac out the runoff, and finish with 4-5 gallons of pH’d and de chlorinated h2o. My city water usually hits a pH of 7 and ppm of 80. So it’s not that bad.

I can’t easily move them since most of my grows are in a scrog.


I’ve read about others in this forum doing that. If you’re careful, I think it could work.