Yellow leaves, low PH

Not sure what the plant is, might be chocopene or Norther Light. Started from some seeds that fell out of plants during harvest last year. This plant has been sickly for a month. Seed started March 23. Yellow leaves constantly. Nutrients were 1800’s, I put sledgehammer in and it’s down to 809. The PH level is super low at 3.3. How do I get the PH up? I watered today with 6.7 PH, didn’t help.

Are you in soil, and what type? Using nutes, what type?
Are you sure of your pH pen’s accuracy? You’ll need to flush with pH 6.8 h2o. Lots and lots of PH’d h2o. More than likely up to 5x the pot size of equivalent of h2o for soil.

Pics help too.


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I was just reading your profile, and I also medicate for migraines. This is important! :slight_smile: Seriously though, we’ll figure this out.

yes, soil. I think I planted in too small a fabric pot . I haven’t use nutes because the TDS have been super high the whole time. 1890 - 1150 - 1170 - used sledge hammer and got them down to 626 and 807. PH has been 5.7 0 5.9 - 6.0 - 5,8 and today down to 3.3. Yes, I checked both my meters last week and adjust them to the solution. When I flush with 6.8, do you pour the gallon jugs on all at once or a little at at time?

In a cloth pot you can’t just run a hose, it all leaks out the top part. You’ll have to add water slowly and be sure it’s mostly draining from the bottom.

Does the soil contain a lot of peat? Long veg times with lots of peat can drop your pH drastically.

I’d run 4/5 of your water through the pot, top dress with 1/2 cup dolomite lime, then run the rest of the water through. This is assuming at least a 5 gal pot.

I grow in ffof and add a cup of dolomite lime, and 3 cups perlite, to my soil before planting (7 gal pots). Just because I usually run extended veg times.


can I cut the bottom out of my small pot 3-4 gallon pot and put whole the rest into a 7 gallon pot and add the soil around it?

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You may cut roots… n that will stunt and shock your baby. But that maybe a last dig effort can you post a photo. Try to include lower part too with pot

Is it flowering or showing pre flowers? If not, you could cut down the side and bottom of your pot and “easily” transplant it.
You’ll still need to flush your soil. I’d still recommend dolomite lime. In a new 7 gal pot I’d mix 1/2 cup d. Lime and a cup perlite in your new soil before transplanting.

Small spikes coming on plant Also checked my amazon order, these are 3 gallon fabric pots! We just added about 1/4 cup lime, worked into soil a bit.IMG_0043|500x500

how much 6.8 water gallons should I flush with

Yea. Thats alotta plant for 3 gallon. Maybe rootboundness

I think I’ll replant it tomorrow by cutting away the fabric, should I flush it first or after replanting

Depends on the new soil. If ypu have amended it with a bit of perlite and lime then yes. Flush her today. Slowly. Maybe quarter to half a gallon at a time. Let sit a minute or two. Then again. Test after 4-5 gallons. If it dropping continue. If it shoots up. :man_shrugging:t5::man_shrugging:t5: We’ll cross that bridge then. :joy::joy:

Sorry. Mixed your thread up with another. It wasnt your soil killing u. Ignore that perlite part. Get your new soil ready. Give her a soft flush. N transplant tomaro

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You should transplant with dry-ish soil. If you flush today you’ll have to wait a few days to dry out.

Fabric pots prevent rootbound issues.

Fantastic looking plant. A couple low yellow leaves are nothing to worry much about. That low pH is.

I do this for every flush and it works like gangbusters. I think it was @Wishingilivedina420state that did this. I run Flora Kleen (like Sledgehammer) and after 30 minutes I run 30 or 40 gallons of water through followed by 2 gallons of PH’d water. Works like a charm!

If you are late in the plant’s life cycle and your pot is root bound then you will see a drop in PH due to nutrient exchange by the plant overwhelming your media. All you can do now is flush and ride it out. Check your PH after flushing and see how that does.

Pictures would really help…

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@PurpNGold74 @Drinkslinger ld I’ll go over and take some more pictures, close -ups. The plants are in a wagon with netting over them so bugs don’t get them. It rained today and they got wet, does water on leaves cause mildew or rot?

You should really download the free grow bible… it will help you out in the long run…:wink:


@peachfuzz I do have it downloaded but so much information to get thru to find my problems. I’d rather ask the folks that know exactly what to do and how.

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