Yellow Leaves (Lots)

Hi. I’m growing this one in the ground outside.

A little over a week ago, this started. The soil had a PH around 8. I added acidifier, and it is now about 6.5. It has been raining a LOT, so there has been no way to let it dry out. Is there anything I can do at this point?

The rain has leeched your soil of nutrients. Use a strong liquid fertilizer like miracle grow regular.

I had some that looked just like yours not long back. At first I thought it was a heat issue then I realized the problem, the rain had leeched out my soil.

Thanks! The torrential rain is finally over. I added nutrients. Did yours make it back?

Oh yeah nice and green. I’m gonna hit em half dose each week I think now with miricle grow as my general hydro nutrients don’t cut it, too weak