Yellow leaves keep getting worse, need help!

I posted something last week about my plant leaves yellowing with super soil and a GSC Extreme auto. Its getting way worse and not sure what to do as im 3 weeks into flower. I wanna get this right so my harvest is good because this plant trained and showed amazing signs of turning out great. I do not add any nutrients due to the soil being a super soil but im thinking im going to need to. Please help!

Soil- FFOF Organic soil mixed with an autoflower specific super soil. 1:4 ratio

HLG 300v2 light in a 3x3 tent with a 4inch inline/carbon filter combo.

EDIT: I watered tonight with 6.6 Ph water and this time i added cal/mag, i believe its either that or a nitrogen deficiency but idk.

Remind me, did we discuss watering ?

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I dont think so. I did water a day late this week but didnt think anything of it, could that be it?

Looks like it needs more watering…


Or less watering…

Dont water cannabis growing in normal soil like a house plant. Flood/drought works best. Water/feed the plant slowly until you get 5-10% runoff. Then wait until the pot feels light again and the soil is dry (just not so dry the plant starts to droop), then water/feed again.

In the heat of the summer i sometimes need to water every 3 days. Cooler winter temps usually take 5+ days. One typically doesnt need to water every day or other day.

Plants will droop when dry, and will also droop when over watered. Constant drooping, with yellow leaves, even right after watering usually indicates too much water.

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Def not over watering, i water every 3-4 days and this time it was 5 days. I feel like im underwatering and i hope i didnt do unreversable damage


Theyll typically spring back in a few hours after you water them.

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I would expect that plant to use 1-3 quarts of water per day. The best way to judge is lift the pot when it is dry and get a feel for the weight. Then water and lift again. This helps you water better for the plant. You can’t water by a schedule alone.

Keep a written journal on when and how much you water each plant. This SERIOUSLY helps. (Add anything like amount of nutrients etc).
I know a lot of folks love organic and super soils, but IMHO I see people having more problems with it than not while they learn the ropes. This is why I love Pro-Mix. Almost impossible to over water and coupled with General Hydroponic flora trio (or something
similar), is beyond simple.

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