Yellow leaves during flowering white widow auto

can anyone tell me about the all the leaves being yellow , is it nutrient burn ?


I think it looks like a plant that’s just getting close to the end of its life cycle. How long has it been in flower? And what have you been feeding it? I’ve had a lot of them turn yellow towards the end, some strains just seem more susceptible to it than others.


Fill out a Support ticket.

Support ticket

She sure is a tall lady, and getting mature.
That could be your yellow

Looks like ur plant is coming to the end of its life its natural for this to happen

Should I begin flushing ?she’s been I flower for over a month now, she’s just over 100 days old now. I sprouted her mid January. I just thought the buds would get bigger.

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Are the pistils still white or have they browned and receeded… Damn I just zoomed in and a lot of White pistils what are you pH levels? If it’s only been flowering a month I’d estimate ur still weeks out

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Agree with @Dclark on the pistils and several weeks left :love_you_gesture:

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I’m just going to throw a few things out there, first when you say flowering for over a month, how many days since you first saw pistils? I went on one of your other threads and read the support ticket and it looks like you have pH and PPM mixed up at least you do on the support tickets from your other thread. The only thing I’m not familiar with is the bergman’s fertilizer. It’s possible that you could do a sledgehammer or florakleen flush and back off on the fertilizer a touch with extra Cal Mag added. We really got to know what your true PPM and pH of your runoff and soil is to be a lot of help. What I was using Fox Farms nutrients if I did not do their recommended flushes I did notice a nutrient lockout that could cause yellowing just like you may have. If there’s only 3 to 4 weeks left in flowering, I would just try to correct the issues and not worry about what’s yellow. I’ve had plants go full yellow in flowering on the fan leaves yet the buds and sugar leaves kept stacking.
It may be easier just to tag people to your other thread, when you’ve been here and read enough post you will see who the experience Growers are and you can simply tag them to your threads by putting the @ in front of their name. It just makes it easier to keep all of your information in one place instead of bouncing around from thread to thread. Good luck with your issues, seriously nothing I would be overly worried about.

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Thank you fast-grow. I’m still learning how to navigate the site . I’m gonna do a slurry test when I get home and test it out and get the ppm and ph. Last week I checked the ph from the runoff and it was at 6.7 .