Yellow leaves during early middle of flower

Hey all!!! Got a question here and I can’t seem to figure it out.

Growing in oceans forest
Ph runoff is solid
Don’t have a ppm meter (first grow and already spent a bunch)
Water every other day unless they need more, one with nutes, second just pH’d water
Using SLF 100 to help the roots
Buds are looking and smelling awesome, growing fast

But I’m seeing yellowing leaves low and mid level on my Ice Cream Cake and Key Lime.

Awesome guy at my local hydro store said to bump up CalMag to 7ml per gallon.

I thought it could be nitrogen but I added more to their water last time and problem us still growing. Any ideas??

Where these really old fan leaves? If so the plant was just done with them. You can kind of see the same on my trimmings from yesterday. Just no longer usable to the plant. Could be wrong, just what it looks like to me. Pic is hard to see now that drying out.

I picture of the whole plant would be helpful.

Some if them, yes. But it’s starting to rise up the plant and we’re not yet halfway through watering

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She has a few blemishes but I don’t know that I would worry about it. It’s common for a mature plant to drop some of the older or larger fan leaves.

I don’t know where else to go with it if you don’t understand what your PPM is.

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Thank you! I definitely will get a ppm meter

7ml is a lot of calmag if mixing with other nutrients especially. Well maybe your calmag is more diluted, I just know with mine 3ml is all it takes to turn 0ppm into ~400ppm per gallon.

Do you think this could be a toxicity???

What kind of water/nutrients are you using besides the cal mag? How old is the plant?

Clones in February, I’m using the recommended nute brand from my “garden” shop but I can’t remember the name. Tap water ph’ed to just over 6. I use SLF 100 and a microbe booster once a week as well. 14 ounces of water every other day and top off water in between.

Is it city water? Do you let it sit open for 24 hours before use? My best guess would be phosphorus deficiency or chlorine honestly. Do you remember the NPK of your nutrients? Calmag is just 2-0-0, or 1-0-0, same same.

It’s actually the botanicare line. And I use it straight from the tap. Sounds like I need some distilled water to water with tonight

Distilled water is easier, while being deficient in any minerals, calcium, magnesium, iron, etc it is free of any harmful stuff, like chlorine. Your tap water will likely work, provided it isn’t full of dissolved solids, like sodium or chemicals like chlorine. If it does there are ways to remove the chemicals from your water by filter or osmosis. I use primo water from the filling station at my local wallyworld. It costs 29 cents a gallon and it is filtered 6 ways and blasted with UV at the end reading a 3 for ppm. My tap has a ppm count of 490 and after standard filtering still over 300ppm. It also reeks of chlorine even after filter. Most people agree RO water is best.

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Most of their nutrients seem to come in three parts. I’m not familiar with them but I’m sure someone is and will stumble by. Definitely want that ppm meter and I’d probably search your nutrients on here. Im sure someone’s used em.

Thank you!!!

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I’ll definitely get one. My others are doing well, it’s just 2 I’m seeing this on. Thank you so much