Yellow leaves diagnosis please

This is an overall healthy indoor flowering autoflower with recently yellowing leaves. Any thoughts?

I’m relatively new to this and have a very similar situation. I’ve ruled out pH lock as the soil for each plant is 6.5 or less, so I’m convinced it is a simple nitrogen deficiency. I’m starting the 5th week of flower and expect some yellowing, but it suddenly increased in both of my plants. I’m giving them a little extra Fox Farms Grow Big to get them through. By the looks of it you’re in flower too, so expect some yellowing as nitrogen in the plant is used up to create buds. I think you have the same issue, so giving them some veg nutes will probably be simple help. Good luck!


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Can you get a picture of the whole plant?

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It’s kind of a crowded tent, but here’s more of the plant

Thanks. Hopefully that’s it. Just gave it a feeding with some liquid nutes