Yellow leaves before harvest

Hi, I believe this California dream is ready for harvest. Some leaves have just turned all yellow (mainly starting from the bottom) and pick off very easily. Is this normal? And how do I know it’s exactly ready to harvest? Also I can see it’s buds are covered in trichomes but they are not sticky are strong smelling? Any tips much appreciated?

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It looks like she has turned her focus to maturing the flowers at the cost of foliage. It’s normal. I have a plant that is about 2 weeks from harvest and is looking a lot like your plant.


Normal. You can tell when she’s ready by looking at the trichomes. You will need a loupe or a strong scope. Then it depends on what you are looking for (see below). Also make sure to look at the trichomes on a bud that is about 1/3rd the way down the plant and don’t look at the sugar leaves as they mature much quicker.

Also your plants still have mainly white pistils. They will turn amber then turn in on themselves (unless it’s foxtailing - hard to tell from the pic)

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Thanks very helpful… just got a magnifying tool!