Yellow leaves at bottom of plant 8 days into flower stage?

I have a problem I think and need help first timer at this can anyone advise please

I have yellow leaves at bottom of the plant it’s 8 days into flower stage and I don’t know if it’s something to be worried about

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I don’t believe this is an issue. Some leaves yellow during flowering.
@Countryboyjvd1971 @Ragnar @hillbilly103


Do you have a picture in natural light of your whole plant?

There is a service ticket here that helps to fill out, covers all the first questions and helps others help you --let’s see if I can find one @bob31


Yeah, a few yellow leafs on bottom is not an issue…
When in flower, I clean off bottom third of the plant anyway…
If it get progressively worse, post picture of the whole plant and fill up the ticket so the pros can jump in…
Good luck


@Sasquatch they do outdoors I prune them off to help keep fungus and mold away.
I’ll find out about indoors soon as my seeds get here :wink:


Hi thanks for the help

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I will try and get a pic of the whole plant later and post it up here thank guys


I’m with @Ragnar a view of the whole Kant is best
Also @Sasquatch is accurate on some leaves will yellow and die of during flowering

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Your Problem is: Nitrogen Deficiency

You have a low nitrogen condition in your soil. In times like this I usually recommend people use Dynagro 7-9-5 as it is a complete fert, having the calcium and magnesium needed, along with the other nutes. It’s kind of pricey as you get a rather big bottle for just one or two plants, but the good news is it will solve you fertilizer issues. Just follow the instructions on the back where you use 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of fert in a gallon of water. I’d probably go with 1/2 tsp as it looks like your plant needs a shot of nitrogen. The yellow on the lower leaves indicate that your problem is too little nitrogen in the soil, not too much. Just be careful how much fert you use in the future as you can easily overdo it. The leaf tip burn that bashman mentions isn’t from the light. It’s caused by an over-fert condition but as I mention, this isn’t your problem. Flushing the soil will only make things worse. Give some dynagro fert from your local hydro shop and you’ll see the plant green up in a couple of days.



Thanks for the info and advice I will get on it straight away

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I got dynagrow and am applying to my soilless plants that just entered veg stage. Good to know I am in the right track as well!

IMHO, Something organic would be best for future grows if you’re using soil…

Bat Guano 1st for vegetative then use seabird guano, there are also some straight Phosphorus seabird guano for flowering and also some with nitrogen…

Depends on which bar guano
Mexican for nitrogen (they eat rodents and bugs)
Jamaican for phosphorus
Phillipean for potassium (more fruit)