Yellow Leaves After Transplanted

Hey Everyone

So I transplanted my second and third grows from seeds. And all have turned really yellow and the youngest one’s stem has gone woody to the touch.

Indoor grow tent
Led lights
Mix of coco professional and soil
Used great white shark and Roots Excelurator during transplant
They are in breathable fabric pots

Biggest two plant 02/05/20
Youngest planted 23/05/20 seems to have stop growing in the last few days also

Really worried about them any help advice would be greatly appreciated

Needs more light.
Have you been checking ph? Feeding?

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Hey man

Thanks they are under two different led’s a 2000w and a 600w. PH is 6.5 and feeding with hydroponic’s tripart

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Willing to bet you ph is off. Have you checked run off numbers?

I never actually

How do I correct it if it is?

You’ll need a ph meter first. This will be the root cause of everything else.

Cool, I have one coming tomorrow I’ll check it and come back to you tomorrow if that’s okay


Sounds good, or tag any of the regulars.

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@Covertgrower hey man

So I got my PH meter and just tested the run off

This plant

Reading 6.46

This plant

Reading 6.34

So I was convinced it was going to be PH imbalance but now I’m completely stumped and watching them die in front of me any ideas? :pray:

@raustin @peachfuzz hey hope you don’t mind me tagging you gals/guys but seen you posting in other threads and would love your opinions :blush:

I guess I would recommend to feed more possibly. What’s your feed schedule look like? If you posted it, I missed it.

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I am very new to this so just following the guide on the nutes. They have only been fed twice and I am doing it every other feed ?

I would follow those directions for veg at this point. @Myfriendis410 is better at the liquid ratios. I think he recommended 3:2:1 ratio of all of those parts.

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Looks like overwatering to me…
Biggest problem you will face…
Fill a pot of the same size with dry soil and see how it feels when you pick it up and base that off of your plants needing water… :+1::wink:


Except I don’t see the plant posturing like overwatering. Earlier picture shows interveinal chlorosis which is calcium but general yellowing too cries nitrogen.

I don’t have enough information to make a diagnosis but suspect it’s starving. Taking a runoff TDS along with PH would be helpful.

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If you look at the pics real good , you will see saturated soil which leads me to overwatering…
Also yellow leaves from bottom to top is also a sure sign…
Probably plenty of nutrients , just drowning…
Is what I see…
Ph is probably not that far off…


Tent size is 800mm x 800mm x 1800mm high

This is my second attempt as the first resulted in three tiny miniature plants which all had similar problems see pictures of my first attempt they were planted 03/04/20

Thank you

Hey thanks

I thought it was going to be a PH problem so I had just poured water on them so I could test the run off.

They are in 3 gallon pots how much water should they get when they are due to be watered?