Yellow Leaves 4 weeks in

Strain… OG Dog Walker
Soil … FFOF
Nutrients…CalMag, 1/2 reccomended Big Bloom & Grow Big
PH…in 6.7
Temps… 68-78
Dehumidifier… yes
Co2……… no

My plants are about 4 weeks old.
Been having this problem since week 1.
Can anyone tell me what this could be from?
And how to get my plant healthy again?

Why are you still feeding at half strength? Also why the Big Bloom? How often are you feeding? Why CalMag at each feeding? What’s your water source?

I wouldn’t stress about that leaf too much but I also wouldn’t be afraid to feed it at full strength at this point. I’d stop the CalMag unless there’s something about your water that makes it necessary

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I am feeding half nutes because I jus started them on nutes last week. Considering they are in FFOF I did not want to burn them. As for the big bloom I am following FF nute scheldule. CalMag because I thought that the yellow leaves were al calcium deficiency. My water source is well water. Ifeed sheldule is…feed…2 days later plain h20…2 days later I feed again. H20 always phd to 6.5. It is more than 1 of the leaves. Random leaves from bottom to to half way up the plant. So you still think it will take care of itself in time?

What’s your water pH straight outta the tap? What are you using to alter the pH? I might have missed if you said it but if you’re intent on following the FF schedule make sure you’re adjusting pH after you add the nutrients to the water.

I ask all this because I think the thing to do is to simplify rather than add more of everything. Cut the CalMag, feed the grow Big at full strength and cut the Big Bloom til you’re ready to flower. It’s four weeks old it can handle full strength food.

Is your soil drying out adequately with your watering schedule? How much runoff do you water to?

I wonder if this is a bit of overwatering combined with the excess water it’s been getting since the beginning has leached out much of the nutrients in the soil.

Big Bloom is a micro nutrient that is used throughout the grow and has nothing to do with flowering. Tiger Bloom is the product used during flowering. You can use Big Boom at full strength since it is light in nutrients.

I’m gettin mah blooms mixed up :crazy_face:

Ph out of the tap is 7.4 adjust it with ph down. When feeding I always add nutes first than adjust ph as needed. And yes they are drying out between watering and feeding. As for run off I water til bottom of fabric pot feels slightly wet. No run off