Yellow leave please help

The rest of the plants are healthy just this one even before I waters with nutrients she had a to y red spot and now this

Plant is fine; nothing wrong. You will always get a few spots on leaves from water droplets ‘lensing’ under the lights and burning them like a magnifying glass in the sun.

Light green is indicative of new growth.


I’m so happy to hear that!!! Tomorrow Its watering day and I was wondering if it’s better to not put any nutrients this time but from what you saying I think it’s ok to put nuts right?From your experience it’s better to leave mute gaps or not?Thanks in advance!

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It really depend on the nutrients and if you always feed at full strength or not? Also use TDS measurements on your runoff to determine if you can add more nutrients. Would also help to know the soil and nutrients you are using… and how old the plant is

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Hello thanks for the reply!I’m using advanced nutrients 1/4 of the dose microw grow bloom b-52 tarantula and bud candy for now couldn’t find voodo juice but it’s coming in couple of days…my soil is 80% light mix 20% all mix biobizz and my ppm today was around 400 can’t remember now :confused: the picture was taken on day 16 th today it’s day 19th they are growing quite fast specially since I put a humidifier but the yellow spot it’s still there maybe a bit less but I’m not sure I will have to check tomorrow morning…I fed twice with nutrients already…today was the second time