Yellow leave during flowering

I have 4 strains growing side by side, and the other three are not having this issue. My sour diesal auto is in full bloom, but her leaves are yellow.

She is planted in a 5 gallon bucket using Miracle Grow Organic container soil. Should I be worried, and what can I do to resolve this?

This is a Northern Lights photo that I have in the same row. She has a few yellow leaves at the bottom of the plant, but nothing like the diesal.

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Yellowing is pretty natural as you end the life cycle - it’s actually wanted as she’s pulling anything stored in the leaves that’s needed. Not sure where the auto is or what is typical (you probably won’t KNOW this unless you’ve grown with same genetics in the past and even then it can vary, your Seed bank should give you an idea but in my experience this is always shorter - I add a week or two when considering which genetics to purchase)

Just make sure you’re covering her needs via nutrients. Make sure P is on point and maybe up the K a bit. She’s gonna want this more as she closes her life cycle. Remember you can’t indie what’s done - all you can hope for is it doesn’t continue to spread. It could be that she’s getting close to being ready which if that is the case forget the upping of nutrients and begin checking trichs on bud for when you wanna pluck her. Autos have predetermined life cycles so be careful with any changes you make. Good luck!!

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That’s all great info, thanks. She is right at 9 weeks.

I have simliar problems i flush and check ph runoff and tds to see if it’s the end of the life of the plant or something else a brix meter will also let you know if your plant is healthy or not. I flush my plants anyway for a smooth smoke, some people flush some don’t this helps me out and thought I would pass the information along

Gradual yellowing as the plant finishes up is perfect, but that looks like you have a deficiency/lockout crawling up that plant. They still have weeks to go. Are those pots draining out?

Yes. I drilled 6-8 holes in each for drainage