Yellow leafs what would cause this

Everything’s been going good things are green flowers are flowering but all of a sudden for some reason today I look in there and I got all these yellow leaves out of nowhere on only one plant too it’s weird

Looks like she’s pulling nitrogen from those leaves, common later on in flower.

What are you feeding ?

It’s fall in your room, the plant is starting to steal everything from other parts to put it into making flowers bigger with hope that a boy’s juice will fly by

Fox farms trio it is just one of 4 also I see root comming out of the soil on top I just didn’t want nuts lock out

I think it’s getting close I figure a couple of weeks I was looking through the microscope n saw purple in the trichomes

When looking at the trichomes, make sure your looking at the actual bud and not the leaves. The leaves will change first. Wait till most of the pistil hairs have turned brown, then pull your loop out and check them. From the pictures you posted of your plant, looks to be lots of white pistil hairs still, although it gets blurry when I try to zoom, so maybe they are brown.

You could feed that one a little extra Grow Big, but late in flower the bottom leaves dying off is normal and nothing to be overly concerned about.

They are amber and I found purple and I never seen that before that’s why I posted those pictures if you look blowed up do some purple but yeah I didn’t realize you know I have to look at the bud but I’ve been cutting the piece off and checking it out like that

I’ve been hitting them pretty hard I’m running 1570 ppm my ph is 630ishi I usually feed alternate feed water nutrients with water and then straight water but I just been hitting them with straight nutrients after nutrient feed after nutrient feed and seems like they’re handling it cuz I know what it looks like when they burn up that and the edge of the leaf start to crumble and the growth has been phenomenal and they’re starting to get frosty so I read it somewhere somebody was saying hit him as much as you can when you see him start to resist flush them

I’m a believer in pushing the nutrients as well. There is a big range between the amount of nutrients necessary to keep a plant alive versus maximizing growth nearing nutrient overload. I’m a fan of pushing it as far as you can and backing off if problems arise.

I believe in that’s why that’s what I’ve been learning this I’m all my second one already I’m like I got clones that’ll be ready to go flower in another week they’ve been in bed for about you know two months these plants are in bed for 3 months and I pull clothes off and when they were month old so I got it lined up so I can flip flip flip yeah I was always worried I was going to burn them up it’s real simple effects if you overload them just order them right without anything flush them

I had a close friend that I believed I could trust home friends for over 20 yr I had my first grow back in the saddle I LTS MY PLANTS all the same so when I germinated seeds and started pulling clones I brought them like seven plants and he brought him to his son-in-law’s house and which one got flooded which one did this or that blah blah blah so I’m like all my autos are flowering and I told him I wanted to put the plant outside because I wanted to see you know Excel because I had autos inside and I knew I was going to get a small yield I was trying to put something outside and I thought it could be like the common thing that we could do together you know because he’s not a big like reader or information guy and he’s trying to tell me that a plant that I gave him that was already flowering already LST all it needs to be was fed and that’s it and he said that there was no bugs they started seeing him I never heard of an auto seeding none of the other plants over there seeed but the auto is going to seed by itself I don’t think so unless it’s a hermaphrodite right but he wouldn’t show me any pictures of the plant and the picture he shared with me was s***** so what you’re spending you think he’s f****** or what that’s what you feel like answering and reading all that crap thanks though for your input on everything else