Yellow leafs during flowering

Hey guys, my plants entered flowering stage from 4 weeks , some plants the leafs are totally light green and yellow but the buds keep fattening and go bigger every day , my question is i will face a problem soon from those leafs ? Note that the last nitrogen feed 2 weeks before entering the flowering stage , so maybe this is a nitrogen deficiencies ? But why not all plants do the same thing ?!!!


You got it! Keep up the good work!


So can i add a dose of nitrogen now ? Or it gonna hurt my buds with nitrogen ?


Plant looks a bit hungry might need to pick up NPK
Verify by checking PPM runoff. And make adjustments accordingly .You still have a few weeks to go. Nice plants
Good luck


This is why your having nitrogen issues, cannabis still needs nitrogen in flower, especially during the stretch (first three weeks). If I was to cut out nitrogen it would be later into flower.

I have been in this situation before, problem is you end up chancing the yellow all the way to harvest, eventually it’ll start to effect the leaves on the buds. My plant did finish but it was no where near as good as the others.

Nutrient requirements vary from plant to plant, even the same strains, on may need more than the other

You may want to give them some nitrogen to hold them off

This is what the leaves looked like on my plant


Thx bro for ur help ! So in ur opinion i will harvest without yield or quality issues ? And from now till harvest i will give some nitrogen like 400 ppm every watering and PK 1000 ppm so the final result it will be 1400 ppm every second watering its good ? Thx a lot

??? Plz help

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Hang tight my friend, helps on the way :v:


Continue feeding nitrogen so the yellowing doesn’t become worse. Otherwise rest of the plant looks great!
It’s also normal to lose the older fan leaves. All others look great.


I agree with My Brother @Covertgrower. Yellowing fan leaves in late flower isn’t necessarily a bad thing. it’s consuming itself to get the nutes it’s not getting. And now you know what it needs. I usually have a bunch of yellowing fan leaves. I don’t sweat it unless it’s on all the leaves. :sunglasses::v::call_me_hand:


Yeah @Covertgrower has it covered here… yellow leaves at the bottom of the plant in late flower is fairly normal. In fact in outdoor its goona happen and they will die and fall off. With indoor its possible to feed nutrients at higher levels and reduce scavanging by the plant. However, dont go overboard on the N because you jave a few yellow leaves, the plant thinks its fall and what do trees do in the fall? Turn colors and drop their leaves right? Maybe up the N a tad and keep on truckin’


I’ve had exactly this issue plaguing me, and yes only on some plants. What I didn’t know is that many cannabis plants stop or all but stop taking in nitrogen through their roots around the age your plants are now.
My N deficiency issues always seemed to appear not long after stretch,and no amount of extra N would fix it.
I found out that I had my nutes wrong in veg stage, and then by the time the N issue showed, it was too late.
The nutes company agreed with my hypothesis,anf now that I’ve corrected my mistake, the problem hasn’t reappeared.

So what I’m saying is that there probably isn’t much to do to fix it now. But for future plants, get the N in there early!
Also I grow Autos, I didn’t catch what you’re growing, but I doubt it matters in this case

The good news is that the plants that was most afflicted (my 2nd White Widow) also pumped out my best yet yield. Here she is right before chop with barely a leaf left to her