Yellow leaf tips


My GDP is about 2 1/2 weeks from harvest. Indoor grow. I noticed today the very tip of some leaves has turned yellow. Very small, almost not noticeable. Other than that the plants look very healthy. What’s going on.


Do you have any pics?


I can’t get pictures to upload. Checked all ph, soil, water, discharge, all good. Because I’m only 2 weeks away I’m going to water only for flush.


I may have gone a little strong on nuts last week. Didn’t really do anything different.



At 2 weeks before harvest I’d probably let it ride and just use properly pH’d water until the end.

I say this without knowing any specifics. But there’s not much you can do at this point without screwing with the end product. Yellowing, browning, and leaves dying is normal at near harvest. My GDP has all of these things, including some burnt buds from too intense lighting, but I’m not concerned. You want your plants starving at the end.


Thanks, that’s what I thought. What age are your GDP? Mine aren’t as purple as yours.


Day 46 from first flower. They’re pretty close. I’m assuming 10 days until harvest.

Mine become more and more purple each day. It may be the crazy humidity we’re having right now. Not what I want and fingers crossed for no mold/bud rot issues.


Hope your temps are high to buddy🤞


Hello!! Its my first time in growing.


The leaf tips are yellowing!! Why! In grow tent since 28. january