Yellow leaf on my 4 week old plants

I got the set of fertilizer from y’all I started the first fertizer ony seedlings when they was 2 weeks old now I’m using the next set 2 3rds teaspoon but they have some yellow on the leaves I’m confused about this guide to feeding I have 25 grams of this 2,nd fertizer guide shows 4 weeks grow time use 2 3rds teaspoon to gallon this set is suppose to be enough fertizer to grow my 5 plants but if I go by the schedule there will be lot left guide shows 4 weeks grow time I’m so confused about


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I had the same thing happen and discovered I used starter soil with too much fertilizer in it. Burnt them however I transplanted to Mother Earth and they turned out GIANTS. Good luck.
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The nutes don’t need to be used until the 4th or 5th week of growth if you are using a cannabis friendly soil. Someone here will answer all your questions. Have fun and good luck

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