Yellow fan leaves outdoor

MY plants have been in veg since Feb…long time…the last 2 weeks all the fan leaves starting yellowing, a few random others as well…feeding them foxfarm GB…BB and open sesame…any ideas…plant are very healthy otherwise…thanks

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Normal age thing. My opinion anyways.


@Bronme I have some ladies, outdoor, in FFOF soil / 10gal cloth pots, planted in early april. I am also feeding FF trio nutes + the bloom line, and my largest fan leaves are doing the same thing. The rest of the plants are thriving and it only happens to the largest fans that are off the main trunks…

I agree with @AAA that it’s just a mature plant thing to do…


thanks…I always hear that u never take off the fan leaves…they feed the flowers…so if all my fan leaves yellow n fall off…what feeds the bud…there are literally a handful left and 3 more months to go

If that’s plant been growing for months that soil is probably toast and needs a refresh. If it’s still in veg pot up add soil or if that isn’t possible add a top off. Promote more upward growth. That wasn’t going to change those leaves. I wait for new growth to chop old def or dead stuff so least they are feeding. She looks good other than those fan leaves. You’re doing a good job.

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OK cool…they’re not in original soil but they are all in totes…pretty root bound for sure…have to water daily…going to top off with some soil…thanks again

I’m seeing this same issue. I pH the water to 6.5 every watering, balance nutrients perfectly, test soil and it is well balanced, no major bug infestations, but I’m also seeing these bleached spots in addition to the yellowing.

Any advice?
I’m a little worried (been working my butt off keeping these plants healthy…and now this).

Planted April 10.
Feminized Pineapple Express
Over 10’ tall
Pistils popping everywhere.

It is frustrating…still not sure…I did have issues with PM… while they were indoors…seemed to get rid of it…but maybe not…smh…??