Yellow, dropping seedlings, only two weeks above ground

Hope all are staying safe and winding down the year.

I am kind of stuck here. This is my second attempt at planting. Can these seedlings recover? I think I over watered as they are stunted since they remained same size and shape for a week (besides being yellow).

What strain, ILGM Grand Daddy Purple Photoperiod
-Age of plant 14 days from in ground
-Method: FFHF soil
-Vessels: 5 gallon fabric pots
-PH of Water, pH of water 6.7,
-PPM/TDS or EC DI water with calmag added 490 ppm on 700 scale
-Method used to measure pH and TDS Apera EC&pH 60
-Indoor or Outdoor if indoor, indoor 2.3 X2.3X 5 feet mars hydro
-Light system LED, SF-2000 at 200 PPFD using photon app
-Actual wattage draw of lights 53 from wall
-Current Light Schedule 18 on/ 6off
-Temps; Day, Night day averages 72-74 day 68-72 night
-Humidity; Day, 50-55- night 40-50
-Ventilation system; Did not turn on vent system yet to keep RH higher but side vent is open

I think I over watered as I started in a plastic cup. I did move to larger pot once i thought maybe I drowned the plant. Can this be fixed or just start over? Trying to get this growing complete before higher humidity in late spring. Thank you


It should recover given time and love. These leaves will never recover. Watch the new growth.


I’m with Mr peat, hold the coarse. Go easy on the water. Lightly spray or sprinkle around seedling no more than once a day. If possible try to get your RH a little higher. Probably don’t need the cal-mag yet. Once you start getting some healthy growth, you can start cal-mag again.


Like the others said.