Yellow dots taking over leaves

I have 1 plant that started getting yellow dots all over the leaves to the point they get brittle. They can’t be storing any nutrients, ect. for the plant, as some leaves are just brittle. I just noticed 1 other plant getting a few dots on its leaves, but nowhere near as bad as this 1. Haven’t been able to find anyone who knows what causes them or how to treat them. Not sure if they have some form of root rot, a deficiency of some kind, or what.
Need help…
Flushed a couple of weeks ago. Didn’t clear up.
Not sure if I need to do a really intense flush. Even thought of trying to do a soil transplant, but at 8 wks, I’d hate to kill them if it went wrong.

These are pictures of the yellow dots disease or whatever.
This plant is very unhappy.

Ups… Is very late but not to late so let’s see how we can help you.
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Calcium but too late in flower to do much more than damage control most likely do to ph lockout


Strain- Red Poison Auto bloom
Planted in 6 gal ocean forest
Age- 8 wks
Indoor grown
Temps- Approx 70 ±
Have humidifier running 24/7, but humidity is still running low. Approx 50. I use sprayer on plants to hydrate.
Also have charcoal filter running and fans.
No CO2, but reading up on it.
Lights at combo of LED and IGROW Induction red
Nutrients- Dirty Dozen

at what point do you do this? Lights on or off. Is it possible they are getting burnt. @Donaldj @M4ur they know there stuff. Me I am just learning myself.

Great catch @Smokin_ernie. Only spray at lights out and most don’t foliar feed indoors past a certain point in flower. She looks to be almost done and I’d just ride it out til harvest. Make sure your ph is in check next grow. Start a journal and that way we can track your progress!

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I don’t see your pH value in that support ticket and pH is the most vital thing when growing mj… Like Donaldj said, is calcium deficiency(in very late stage) but also may be a lockout of nutrients because pH is to low or to high… For soil you need to keep the pH in the range of 6.5-6.8… Calcium is immobile and needs magnesium to be absorbed by the roots… Maybe you can grab Epsom Salt and use 1/4 tbs per gallon of water… But wait for more answers please.
Here are some charts. Nutrient_Chart2thenug-WItBVPhsFa

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And stop spraying them/her…
Do you have a pH meter? If not get one ASAP and check the pH

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Thanks to everyone for your help. Checked the ph and it is a bit high.
When I spray them, it’s not during day/lights on. They actually liked the moisture, being my humidity stays too low.
Will try the Epsom salt treatment.
Seems like the 1 with all the yellowing is a bit stagnant in the growing area. Not seeing much in the way of new branches or leaves and it seems like it’s not getting any taller.
Saw 1 video that showed remedy for calcium deficiency was using ground up rolaids in water.
Gonna flush the 2 auto’s and give them both some calcium next.
thanks again.

Normal for plants during flower they get to a stage where they won’t waste any energy on leafs or new grow focusing on bud development.
The reason people are advising you not to spray or mist is a very foul enemy Bud rot which can wipe out an entire harvest within days if it gets in. During flower as a rule RH is lowered as buds develop to prevent moisture getting trapped on or in buds leading to rot molds and fungis which can go un-noticed until it is in every plant or far along. The plants seem to like it but the risk is rarely worth it since bud rot releases spores


After dealing with bud rot on my outdoor grow last summer, you definitely don’t want to see that. Took my two plants in less than a week.


Is this a calcium deficiency as well? I need to buy PH meter and run off - normally try not to feed to point of saturation. Feeding every 3 days - half gallon per 7 gallon container. I’m planning on feeding two more times? As always, your support and wisdom is appreciated.

So in this situation you need to give her a little magnesium beside the calcium because calcium is immobile and he needs magnesium to be absorbed by the roots :wink:.
So you need some calcium-magnesium(cal-mag) :+1: