Yellow crispy leaves. Repotted in too hot soil or time to start feeding?

Plants are about a month old started in peat pellets then transferred to terragardens container soil. the growth started to slow and the first round leaves began to turn yellow which I assumed was normal. The next set of razor leaves on almost all plants has become yellow and crispy from the tips inward which looked like nutrient burn although I haven’t started feeding yet. Could this soil be too rich in nutrients? I can’t find any npk values on the bag except the three numbers : 0.14-0.11-0.08
Should I begin a low dose feed schedule, are they just starving? or is this a different problem?
Thank in advance First time grower and tips are appreciatedUploading: F81EF144-2078-4D94-8A2A-85A25A334076.jpeg… Uploading: 6DDE5EF2-FD98-4B8F-BB4A-A21FA8EEB440.jpeg… Uploading: B2771C31-DDC0-4EFB-9895-943002CEBA6B.jpeg… Uploading: 13917B79-674F-459F-A52C-2631E5CC7703.png…

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I’m not a nutrient adding kind of guy, but I’m guessing you are overwatering.

Maybe @WickedAle can chime in.

If you have a pH and a PPM meter you need to get a reading with water only on both going in and coming out of the soil. From the NPK values there’s not much in the soil. You may need to start feeding, but you need to have a benchmark for your pH and PPM values.


I have a soil moisture / ph meter that read about 6.8 at root level although it’s not very accurate. I’m going to pick up test strips for water in and run off measurements what ph should I be at? Is this potting mix considered soil less?

Don’t bother with the strips. Get onto amazon and pick up a cheap pH and PPM meter. Pen styles work fine. Got a set of both for ~$25, but they need to have high feedback ratings 4.x. Don’t drop the pH meter ever as it is glass. You do not want screwdriver type calibration. Only digital calibration.

Potting soil can be soil or peat based. Need to find out. If peat your feed will be a different pH as soil.


Didn’t realize on the label it says peat and compost. Not much NPK. So you will need a nutrient feed package. many here use GH Flora trio. It’s simple and easy. Are your plants autos?

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Plants are photos: nuken og from bc seed king
My nutrients are Cybele labs hydra grow and hydro bloom. Calls for 6-6.7 soil /soiless. Would it be safe to start a small feed while I wait for the ph meter or wait it out and hope for the best

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Given you do not know what your pH is of your feed, I would hold off until you get the pH and PPM meter. If you throw off the pH in your soil you will mess things up even worse, Just use water until you get.

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So just so I’m clear I’ll check my ph for my water in and runoff and also that my nutrient solution ph is in the right range for my medium before feeding according to the feed chart? I’m not sure about my ppm measurements I will take a baseline before I start feeding but the feed chart only shows the ph. do I also need to adjust the water ph before watering if the water isn’t what the ph should be for the nutrients?

Sorry for all the questions I’m quite new to the whole ph and ppm and nutrients

Simply. A plant need nutrients but in order for roots to absorb the soil needs to be the right pH (6.5 for soil; 5.8 for coco or peat). The PPM measures the amount of nutrients. You measure runoff to see if the soil has gotten to high in salts and also to verify that the pH is correct. PH and PPM should match. If PPM is lower than feed, the soil is absorbing nutes (good); if the PPM is higher than feed you are building up nutes I. The soil and if it gets above 1400 it is bad (you would need a flush to get rid of the salts.)

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I’m learning to bro and @WickedAle is a huge help! I have a post up as well about my PH with some good info if you want to check it out. Good luck and these guys will definitely help you out!

Here’s that post

So I am aiming for 5.8 for my peat mix? Because I’m definitely higher than that right now even with my crappy ph reader I’ll grab some ph down and wait for my readers and go from there thanks for the help!

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Be careful on the PH down as that will raise your PPMs as well!

You have compost in your mix so you are some what in the grey space between peat (Hydro/coco/peet) and soil. Probably should run between 6.0 and 6.5 (closer to 6) but if you see problems you may have to change.

You should mix thoroughly before taking measurements.

I wouldn’t mess with anything until you get your meters. Also your first set of leaves usually get messed up so only worry about new growth.

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Thanks guys I’ll post back once I get things figured out!

Your soil npk is 14-11-08, AND a “mix great for urns.”

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prefertilized is famous for burning plants to death.

$20 for PH n PPM Meter set is …critical!!!

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