Yellow and Brown spots on leaves

Girls are looking good and healthy

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Remember to water the edges and work your way in ,you want your roots to search for the water . Happy growing they look much better


theya re in great shape. what cultivar are you using can I ask?

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Here’s a new update I’ve pruned some lower fan leaves about 5 levels total on each plant but I’ve done it slowly so here’s what there looking like.

Hey " Golly" I’m not sure what you meant by “cultivar” I’m a newbie

Is it too late to top them and put up a scrogs net? I was thinking I had another week or two?


Happy growing

Cultivar meaning white widow or northern lights purple kush , granddaddy purple, sour diesel etc etc etc

Sorry to be honest I got the seeds from my neighbor…they were professionally feminized seeds and the was purple in the name but I couldn’t honestly tell you the hybrid strand


I just had one do the same thing in ffof. It was time to start feeding anyway. A couple off feeds that contained calcium and I have not seen anymore. At this point I am guessing ffof…is low on calcium.
Just a guess…I’m just learning!
To add a note …I’m using distilled water…so that prob pushed the problem along.

I think more people f my calcium deficiency problem was over watering but the ffof has not been a coincidence I bought cal mag from those sobs too…they saw me coming

Looking good now though

Nice they gonna fill those nets up nicely

Thank you to everyone that helped me. I have much to learn still. But when I do I will be sure to share it the way y’all shared it with me.

Hi I am growing Blue Dream Photo from seeds purchased through ILGM. For reasons I will not elaborate to keep to the point my plants are almost 6 feet and into the 5th week of flower. I have been battling fungus gnats for months and have them under control but not gone. I transplanted 5 of my 12 plants into 10 gallon cloth pots when I changed light schedule to 13/11 and used a different soil mix then before. Was using FoxFarms Ocean Forest and Strawberry Fields then added potting soil from Home Depot that I was told is a very decent product. I have been pulling my hair out trying to figure out why my plants are show signs of deficiency. Lime green leaves entire plant, slowed bud development and brown spots. I determined it was ca and mag deficiency so I added a little more cal mag which did not remedy the problem. I have burnt tips so I lowered the nitrogen thinking it was blocking phosphorus etc… no change. I have spent so many hours thinking what it could be as this is my first grow. I came to a conclusion that there must be a problem with the soil and tested the ph two different ways. I mixed equal parts soil from root zone with neutral water and let it set 24 hrs then filtered. Using a ph pen I got 7.4. I then used GH soil kit using the capsules and it turned light green and validating my first test. Since I am at the end of the 5th week I know it needs to be handles quick and still may not help much. I can pick up som sulfer sulphate etc… which I will do if you think that’s the best action. If the plants were in veg I would probably just replant in better soil but I’m not sure that is even an option this late in the game. If not then should I can I mix vinegar with water or use ph down to at least start neutralizing the akalinity or wait until I get sulfer sulphate etc…?

@Chaosvox if you post some pictures, and fill out a support ticket we can give you some suggestions to remedy the issues.

15 gal pot. Well done. If photo take advantage of that and vegem big. If auto can get a better size. I mother in 20 gal. After 4-6 months i turn them. Huge girls…huge yields. When i run 10 and above pots I personally only drop photo in them and get them big.had 1 gg in a 20 completely fill a 4x4.