Yellow and brown leafs

A question of a fellow grower:
My plants are ready to harvest. I have beautiful plants for the most part but i have several that never produced. Seems to be white widow and Amnesia haze. I always use fox farm trio with great success. Not sure what happened. It doesn’t make sense.

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Even if you grew all the same strain, they would be different like kids. Last grow i grew bananna kush. I did 2 with a gorilla glue & crystal. One bananna was horibbly small but the other huge. The gorilla glue also was a smaller plant than the one i have going now. If eveeyone else is flourishing you did a good job. Amnesia normally is huge, so those seeds must of taken on traits that are unwanted.

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If you could, would you please send me a close-up of your buds ?

Do the plants that are “done” receive more direct light during the day than the ones that aren’t?

each seed is a roll of the dice situation. especially with the new hybrids…it is not unusual to see two or three different plant profiles in a batch of 10 seeds.
but, not seeing any flowering IS unusual.