Yeah its a little sticky

Hello there is it normal to be this sticky? Do yall get sticky like that ?


Latex gloves


What PharmerBob said. i also found that acetone works best for cleaning scissors. i know we were shocked at our first harvest. reminded me of the movie Christmas Vacation when Chevy says “pretty full… lotta sap”


Is normal if you listen to the great folks on this forum.

ILGM guidance results

The other guys


yum-ee sticky goodness :wink:


What Nutrients are you using in your DWC @Borntogrow?

I use the flora micro grow and bloom from general hydroponics. I started out using thier feeding program and gradually developed my own . I also use the flouralicious plus as just an overall enhancer and then couple weeks before flower I cutnoutbghe grow and replace with a double whammy of kool bloom and this time I added an additional bloom enhancer called head masta and I believe that really made a big impact and then to top it all off a couple times a week I use diamond nectar as a foliar spray and I will double the amount of nutrient to water ratio. Then to balance all that out I use 2 1000 watt hps with a 1000watt led blurple light between them and 2 300 watt blurple lights on either side for balance. My ph sets between 5.5 and 6 and ppm hovers around 13 to 1400. Water temperature is maintained with bucket warmers and it sets at 68 to 72° f and humidity is controlled with a dehumidifier and it’s normally 45 to 50% and all of that is controlled using vivosun equipment.