Yeah. But you should have seen the size of those joints

Too funny not to share:

“The couple told police the cannabis was for their own personal use and they would smoke around one to two joints a night,”


Wow…great share. Anti dealer into dealer, really.

They called it a “shed”. @James68 Is that what they call a shed in the UK?

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Too funny! Reminds me when I warned my now husband, 37 years ago, when he came to pick me up for our second date: watch out for the chughole at the old white farm house. Since we lived down 4 miles of ranch dirt road I knew he was coming from the plume of dirt rising and he was coming fast, not good considering our free range cattle. I saw as he neared the farmhouse, quarter mile down, and thought “gee I hope he slows down” and heard him hit that chughole hard. He was furious because he expected a hole in one area, not a complete washed out road with a good two foot or so drop and climb out. What can I say? He was a city boy and I didn’t realize a city boy had no clue about driving down ranch roads on free range land. He still stuck around! Even when right after our amicable labrador retriever kept him pinned in his pick up truck. Even JR knew he was a city boy!


Yup ! as in a shed load of money for growing a zillion pot plants in my shed, but I live in Wales and nghut is shed in Welsh, which is currently cold and wet and we have the central heating on… :cold_face:
ps: its summer