Yay! Brownies ..!

Last brownie I remember I made them for a dead show in Highgate Vermont in the early 90s!

I’m psyched I used to love brownies and the shake is almost dried already :scissors::evergreen_tree: I’m going to eat them down the beach all summer !

I’m going to make them soon - Any recipes ?

I’m thinking maybe chocolate walnut brownies ? Yum! :slight_smile:


@MT1 I’m baking my brownie today and I’m wondering if can brownies be frozen?

Hi Paranorman!

Have fun with the brownies. I made some once when I was about 20 … OMG … wild times!

I don’t know why mine tasted so bad this time. I hope yours turn out great.

You can freeze the brownies and also the cannabutter if you don’t plan on using it soon. I still have about 2 cups of the butter in the freezer.

Let me know how they turn out!


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I never thought about freezing the butter thanks! :slight_smile: I’m not making that much butter because I only have just so much but I suspect they’re going to be pretty strong! :slight_smile:

I wish I had just used the trim I had saved when I made them. I used 1 1/2 ounces of ground bud. It was way too strong … tasted terrible. The cannabutter is better now since I added another cup of melted butter to it. It’s a good thing the harvest last year had a good yield … or I’d be pissed about wasting that much bud. I ended up giving the brownies to my sis and they smelled so bad she threw them out!

Good luck!

The Brownies are sitting on the counter right now, I can hardly wait for them to cool! :slight_smile:

I used about an ounce of primo trim to one pound of butter, then used about half of that mixture to make the brownies …double chocolate fudge! :smiley:

Will update, hopefully pics too :thumbsup:

@MT1 I can’t believe how good they came out! I already feel them creeping up LOL …probably shouldn’t have eaten the second one :wink: thanks for the input! :slight_smile:


Paranorman … your brownies look fabulous! I want one. Mine looked okay but tasted like shit. I’ve got some butter left … may try it again. Did you use a box or make them from scratch?


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@MT1 I thought scratch was from a box ?! LOL

My thing is pit barbecue and I worked for a year as a short order cook back when I was in school but aside from pot brownies I’ve never baked anything in my life!

But you’re right these were as good as they looked! Thanks for the kind words ! :slight_smile:

Edit: I wanted to add that where the recipe calls for water I use Coca-Cola

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Wow …how did I miss this?! Dude that’s freaking beautiful are you kidding me right now! that doesn’t even look real it looks like a prop from a movie or something

I short ordered in the eighties when I was in school but I’ve never been able to bake and I don’t think I’ve ever baked anything in my life but pot brownies LOL

yeah would love the recipes how about putting it up here because I bet a lot of other people would as well

  • thanks Vic

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No rush Vic, way too hot to bake here right now, and from what they say for the next few days ?

…I sure hope it’s got walnuts! :thumbsup:

Edit: …and lots of chocolate :slight_smile:

… I hope you’re not talking scratch? I can barely make them from a box LOL

I lived in va in early 90’s when dead came. We’d ride our bikes to the big park they had there and watch the deadheads. Lol

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So that was you ! lol :wink:

Love the dead been following them since the seventies

I saw Jerry and the boy at a big outdoor festival for the second year in a row at Highgate Vermont less than a month before he passed

These tickets, the elogy and a note from the GD ticket people saying that my tickets were literally in their hands when they heard of Jerry’s death is folded up in the back

They said they wanted to do something special for the few customers such as myself, the last dead tickets they would ever send out, or something like that so they sent the tickets and some other stuff too

Thanks Jerry


Never saw them. We’ll never was much for concerts. All the people … Saw pink Floyd when they came through in '94 -Tom petty and Boston Round out my concerts :joy: Had to see pf Big fan

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There you go…Dark Side of the Moon tour, Waterbury CT…smaller venue, good drugs (so my friends told me)…mesmerizing.

As for the Dead, Colt Park, 1976…crowd watching or the stage show? Tuff choice.


I really like that memorabilia, my memories are so fragmented from my concert adventures!

That’s when & why I quit growing in 1995, like I mentioned in my grow Journal (but I never mentioned why)

After hearing of Jerry’s death I went home cut off my ponytail, pulled my garden down, my 'shrooms up, grab my guitar and went down the beach for the nite with a few other deadheads from around my way

I was having a major and losing battle with mites at the time anyway and it was summer so…

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Jerry, just a boy with his toys…they’ve been the downfall of many great minds and spirits