Yall Watch This!

Ok, sounds good. Thanks guys.

I would have to agree with the above :v:

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A few pics of the next crop. 2 Girl Scout Cookies, top left. 1 small Gelato, 2 Blue Dream Autos, and the 2 Strawberry Cough clones. The BDA are same seed batch, but one seems to have mutated.


And some pics of the frosty ladies.


Should I defoliate and remove all the leaves anytime soon? Lollipoping is how I’ve heard it put. Any input guys?

If you have good air flow through the plant there’s really no need. I’ll take all the leaves with exposed stems when I only have a few weeks left. I don’t do it to benefit the plant, I do it to benefit my trim hand come harvest time.

If you want to experiment, you could take the stemmed leaves from one side of the plant and leave the other side alone and see which results you like better.

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