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Hey yall, nice to be here! I love your work! I recently decided to take a shot at growing some medicine. I’m using FFHF straight outta the bag. I’ve been doing my research on successful grow procedures, but unfortunately I had already soaked my seeds and put them in the dirt when I decided to take a ph slurry and found an 8.3 reading. WTF?! Newbie panic maybe, but what should I do. Thanks in advance.

Did you use distilled water? Or tap water.
Distilled water is the correct answer. It has no dissolved minerals and takes on the ph of the medium.

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Welcome! Curious as to the answer to coverts question as well. Typically fox farms soils are on the acidic side of the scale.

Hey man, thanks for the help. I used filtered tap water and ph’d it to 6.2. Tap water was also around 7 to start.

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You need to slurry test with distilled or RO water. Your tap water is contaminating the sample.


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So I did a slurry ph with bottled water. It’s probably not the best, but I work a lot and haven’t had time to get any distilled water. Ph before dirt was 6.2 and 6.7 with. That’s acceptable for soil, so crisis averted, I guess. Thanks guys for the welcome and the advice. I’m gonna be starting a grow journal, so any help there would be appreciated as well.


Haven’t figured out how to start a grow journal. Is that something beyond basic membership? Or do I just start a new thread and call it my journal?

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You can start a new thread in beginner and then grow journals. Or I can move this to grow journals if you want to journal on this thread


Yeah that would be cool. Go ahead and send it over.

What do you want it titled?

Brand new soil always a little hot from Fox Farms. :+1:

Yall Watch This! That’s usually what we say either epic stupidity or daunting feats of ingenuity are about to happen. Seems appropriate.


Haha just saw the title and got clicked baited in! Welcome to ILGM! Good luck and lets get some pics up when the gurls start standing


I’m tuned to watching. Gonna coma along for the ride, if you don’t mind :v:

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You got me for the ride man. That’s an epic title.

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3 Strawberry Cough
1 Gelato
1 Blue Dream Auto


The Blue Dream was a dud, pigtailed and grew sideways. I’ve got another in the water now.
I’m just germinating right now, but I have a 2x4x7 tent with 2 Mars Hydro TS600s. No venting system yet, but gonna need something effective and quiet. Willing to upgrade to better lights eventually too. Anyway, I’m using FFHF. So far so good, I guess.

How do the clear cups work for you? I’ve avoided clear because people say that once the roots spread out and hit light they die off.

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