Ya the superbowl is over


Can i move on now?
Btw a superbowl sounds like a stoner event 100%.

I will hold the first real superbowl. Coming to CA 2025 in the Emerald Valley. An all included 30 days fun in the sun however you like it. Top Shelf Cannabis included. Edibles included. Concentrates included. 24 hour concierge. Party staff. Chef. Business suite. Stoners welcome.
Parking provided. Daily rates and group packages available. Call for pricing.


Guess i won’t be there lol, have a great time tho


Im just so over alcohol. It tastes gross. Makes me feel sick to my stomach after a low dose. I just dont want it in my life anymore. But weed… thats nice anytime


I remember feeling that way when i drank my first beer lol


I’m with ya… I’m a Respiratory Care Practitioner so I’ve seen the ugly effects alcohol way too up close and personal and in shameful abundance. To be clear, I do NOT judge anyone who chooses to drink by any means. Hell, I used to drink! But after seeing what I’ve seen, it’s weird, it almost seems gross to even consider doing to myself. I’ll enjoy my glass of Sangria when I get the elusive night out alone with my husband, but it’s lost its appeal for me. Give me flowers any day! :wink:


Alcohol is my drug of choice, and it pairs really well with marijuana.


@dbrn32 AND @basementstealth

Not me " Lov My Drink and Weed " smoking-hookah beer


I’m right there with you.


You kinda left us out in left field '" WITH WHO " LMAO


You, haha! I didn’t think it was a big secret, love me a good scotch or bourbon. I’ll drink beer too, just prefer whiskey.


Why that’s why we get along. I love my " WHISKEY "


I used to love it, but now it irritates my stomach


I like the sound of this. Im with the boys tho. Booze goes hand in hand with flower power. Just use in moderation. Bud u can indulge until u pass out. No worries to anyone but ur refrigerator


Sounds like something my wife would say lmao!


Lol my wife complains of jawpain