Y’all! Don’t make fun of my pitiful girl, she’s a fighter

Ok, this was a bag seed outdoor grow started back in April or May. First time grower (I’ve since moved on to ILGM seeds and an indoor setup), she reveged once this summer when I brought her inside when I had some people here. I’m not expecting much, but would at least like to finish her off. Ignore the nute burn, so many lessons learned, lol. She’s been flowering for what seems like months, and is smelling really strong. I just can’t quite tell from the trichomes if they are clear or milky. Help!! Should I chop her down or wait? I prefer less couchlock so I was hoping to harvest before trichomes turned too Amber. Pretty much all the pistols have darkened.


Best guess that I can see, I made out a few mostly cloudy trichomes. I would say chop it sooner than later based on pistils being all brown, and not wanting couch lock.


Nobody in here would dare laugh at you trying to grow your own. We all start somewhere and you got it to flowering which is a feat. Hopefully you’ll get a joint out of her… Kidding man next one will be bending over with weight surely. I do think it’s time for her though good luck. It be cool if it was the best smoke you ever had though right? Next one will be!


Thank you! I went ahead and cut her down. She’s drying now, I wonder if there is a prize for smallest yield, lol.

Hopefully I get a little redemption soon, this is another bag seed that has been mercilessly experimented on outside.

When I got my fox farm nutes for my indoors I went ahead and made a suuuuper diluted mix up of the Tiger bloom since she was flowering, a couple of days later and she had a bunch of yellow spots. I figure I’ll just water her like I was until it’s time to harvest. Shes covered in buds :crossed_fingers:t2:

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