XML error help plz

Anyone here have any tech background?
My girls having issues viewing a key page she needs for the next multiple months in her nursing program.

I can load the page and her friend can load the page but she can’t on her laptop.

Here is the error

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I don’t know how or what this is but I googled it and found this, I don’t know if it will help you 4sure. Sorry it’s crooked I can’t screenshot on my tablet so I took a picture with my phone lol

Yeah I did some searching outlook keeps coming up but she’s using a website not outlook Soo… Idk

But I Geuss it’s just a cmd command so I could tell her to run that wouldn’t hurt

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It looks like the script uses Java. An incorrect (old) version of Java can sometimes cause these problems. Reloading Java may help.

Also, browser errors can sometimes be cleared by clearing the browser’s cache. How to do it depends on which browser the app is using.


You can eliminate outlook results coming up in your web search by adding the following to your search parameters:


The “-outlook” will prohibit search results with Outlook in them from appearing in your search results.


Thanks @MidwestGuy

I’ll get her to clear her cache, she’s using edge.

Its been a while since is used a pc does the Java show up in extensions or in uninstall programs?

Or can she just go download the new one and it will overwrite the old one working the same as un install re install?

Yes, this. Be sure to get it from java dot com. There are some sites out there that introduce viruses/malware.

Java is a browser extension (of sorts) and doesn’t show up in installed programs.

Turns out chrome and edge don’t run Java, and it works on chrome for me and her friend so it’s not a Java issue I Geuss it’s got to be a script issue of some sort.

But yes we cleared cache, installed Java and restarted.

Thanks to @emgoldslo think we are gonna get this figured out it’s a computer permissions issue… Just need to find out why.