Xmas tree in march

Kinda looks like garland wrapping around a Christmas tree with a pretty star on top!


JimDandy to the rescue…go JimDandy go… @JimDandy


That’s funny! I sang that in my head while I was reading!!! LOL…

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Very nice what flavor you got there


Title of Thread is miss leading lmao :wink:
I was expecting a picture of the whole plant
Bud looks grest tho nice job @JimDandy

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ILGM White Widow Auto.

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Woohoo i love the ww tasty treat

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Hoping so. I have a few more weeks before i can sample.


Out of likes @JimDandy but I love this.

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Thank yuo very much!!

Daylight pics.



Looking great under that natural light. @JimDandy

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Thank you @Covertgrower, slow grow though. 67 days in. Looking like 100 day girls to me…

They do appear very sativa like in dominance. Those usually do go a little longer.

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Just popping 5 WWauto seeds myself. Did you do any topping or training on these or just let them grow

Looking good :sunglasses:

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Just popped em’ in the dirt and let mother nature do her thang. @MAXHeadRoom

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First time with autos and tent grow. Next couple of seeds will try some LST. I believe the AN nutes are a plus though. All of my outside grows have taken a bit longer to get this far.

Im using AN perfect ph for the first time too. This will be my first time with autos too. But planning on using NFTG sample pack with coco for that grow.


Hey @MAXHeadRoom, did you get those WWA beans put in the soil yet?