"XL Exhale Homegrown CO2"

has anyone used this co2 in abag? is it any good?

Just got one in the mail today ask me again in about a week and I’ll tell you.if I notice a.difference or not.

unless you are using no intake airflow or in extremely cramped grow space not worth the money


I got one of the big ones and put it in a small tent and have stopped since and saw no decline in yield of quality of mine . I think those are only necessary in special cases but for me it was a waisted twenty five bucks I wish I had spent on getting a better ph pen which I had to replace anyway because of going cheap


It wont activate and start growing enough fungus in the bag to produce for about 30 days

I agree with @Donaldj and @Oldstoner.

Unless you have an issue with intake air or you’re creating an extreme amount of par with your lights, not worth the money.

Every aspect of your grow will have its limits. It’s usually light. It shifts from light to co2 at something like 1200 ųmols average I think. Most hobby growers don’t reach that amount of light. So unless you have a restriction applying fresh air, probably not going to benefit your grow.

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