WWA will not flower

I have a nine week old WWA that hasn’t given any indication of flowering. Her twin sis will most likely be harvested tonight. Both were grown in tent until two weeks ago, when I took Budless Betty outdoors to she if that would shake her up. She just continues vegging in the sunshine. Any clue what her issue might be?

I have a Ghost Train Haze plant outside for same reason. Adjusted and fixed everything I could possibly do. My autos are almost done, my 2 photo periods in same tent were flowering and the Ghost just wouldn’t do it. So I moved it outside. It’s just outside vegging it’s a** off still. Only thing I could figure is genetics. Or I used some miracle grow when I potted it but u don’t think that’s it.

Thanks. A portion of my soil in each is also Miracle Grow. I’m only on my 3rd grow, and every plant has had about 1/3 miracle grow, so I don’t think that’s it either. Guess she’s just being a bitch?


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Its the only one I had miracle grow in. I thought it could be the time released nutrients keeping it in veg. It showed a couple pistols and I kept thinking it was about to flower then few days later it looked bushier than 90’s Playboy.


I have grown many wwa and most have not flowered under 2 months. try dropping light to a 12/12 schedule and see if that helps


Two things: reduce light. hit plant with strong Phos dosage.

P encourages flowering.

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Yup that extra strong N can keep a flowering plant throwing white pistils forever. Figure it can stop up the process from starting. Maybe strain sensitivity too. But 12-12 n a PK dosage should show her dey way

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Finally!! After nine weeks, I’m seeing pistils. Will it take another nine weeks to finish. My real question is to leave her outside, or mover her back to the tent?

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You cant trust a woman named budless Betty bro. She gots no buds lol

hopped onto your thread because i have an auto that is taking her own sweet time too. she started popping pistils three weeks ago though and I still don’t think it’s flower… so if you’re planning the family vacation, don’t bank on 8 weeks!

you have pics? must be a biggun.

Betty and sis…both germinated same day, June 14.

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i JUST posted an update on mine. all three germinated same day, though to be fair all are different strains. i hope yours is an auto and not a photo! kind of a game changer if they’re photos. any pistils at all?? it kind of looks like the bud sites are getting ready?

She’s trying. Both of those prevoius pics are White Widow Autos. Next pic is 2 Jack Herer Autos started same day…
They’re defo not twins, but seem to be more “normal”

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these all look great! i think our slow pokes are on a similar DGAF flower schedule

Hey at least she put out pistils right? Gonna be a late harvester there… honestly? Id leave her outside. If the sun made her flip then dont mess up a good thing