WWA on steroids?

Today is day 47 for my WWA. I have 4 plants in a 7’ tall 3x3 tent. Three of them are 46" tall and the 4th around 42"… They are ILGM seeds and Bob said they are compact at around 24" maybe 30". This is my first grow and they are scaring me a bit. Are these girls on steroids or what? Grow conditions: 5g smart pots, FFO soil and FF trio for nutrients.They are under a Kind 2 XL 600 (320W), 20/4 light schedule with Scrog. I started out with the light at 24" and now I am close to 12" with some buds less than that (no burn), lots of air moving. Every 4"x4"square of the scrog has a bud (hairy monsters). They are super healthy with lush green foliage. I thought they should stop growing by now but I had to raise the fans and light another 3" this morning. Anyone with similar experience? Am I right about more growth, I have less a foot of head space left in the tent. Thanks

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Welcome to ilgm :v:Pictures! Always love seeing new pics.

Post us some photos, let’s check them out!

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I’ve always have them grow to monsters


Ive got 3 WWA at 37 days flower. All planted same time. 2 are budding nicely and one is just gettin taller but not goin to flower yet. I think its just an auto thing patience is hard for us newbees :laughing:.

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Love to see them pics.

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I’ve had them take up to three months before they flower

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Update re WWA on steroids.
First, many have asked for pictures. The truth is my photo skills suck, the pics are terrible and, my tech skills are even worse when it comes to getting pics from my Cannon Rebel to my laptop. I’ll figure it out.
Anyway, I harvested 4 plants having a total weight into the jars to cure of 366 grams. The lightest plant was 64 grams and the heaviest was 123. The other 2 were 88 and 90. It took 30 days to harvest them. I started first plant on day 71. The last one came down on day 101. I used a Carson Microbrite 60-120x to gauge maturity. I was looking for more cloudy trichomes than clear with a few amber. I filled a gallon ziplock bag for the freezer with baby buds and fine leaf trim (ice water bath down the road).
My wife enjoys the smoke (I don’t partake). She says I trim them too much. The buds are not real tight or compact (any thoughts?), I may have screwed up the nute cycle during the middle of the grow. Overall I am happy with the results. This was my first grow and it was fun to watch them evolve.
I have 3 ILGM Blueberry Autos under 2 veg lights now (2 seeds did not germinate). I’ll move them into the tent in a week or so. Maybe I will figure out the picture thing by then.
Question: Does anyone have first hand experience using a digital microscope (wifi or usb) like Celestron, AmScope, Dino-lite etc. I am in need of a Christmas gift to myself. Your suggestions and recommendations for a window 10 compatible unit will be appreciated.
Thanks to all who read or reply.

Best pics I have seen were taken by @Blazin_Skywalker
Check out her thread and pics…

This is what she was using…

I’m on day 32 and they have just gone into flowering with my ILGM WW autos. I’ve got 3 in a 3x3 tent. My biggest gal is about 18" and the others are around 16". This is my first grow, so I’m far from an expert or really know what I’m doing. I created a grow journal that I keep live (updating as each week goes along)… and while my photo skills aren’t the best, I’m sharing pics and timelapse videos of the journey.

Feel free to check it out here…

Thanks for the info. I’ve seen the Plugable on a couple Best Of search sites.