WWA light sched

Got these WWA from ILGM. I know that they will flower on there own.
What is the best light sched? They are currently on 18 & 6. And what is a tds meter?

Okay…i answered my own question about the tds meter and i will be getting the total disolved solids meter soon.

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Good job on the tds meter. Very helpful tool in a growers arsenal.

18/6 throughout the grow works fine. Some people go 12/12 just to save some power. Its all preference

I run 18/6 for a couple weeks then 16/8. Once I see it’s flower I go 12/12. Great results

Thanks for the info guys…i drilled a crap load of 3/8 in holes in my plastic pots today im hoping it will help with the water evaporation, its a little slow.

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Yup. The more drainage, the better imo. I amend perlite into all soils. And have so many holes in my pots the water almost immediately starts draining.

I noticed some yellowing on a couple of plants this am. These 4 wwa are 3 weeks in and 9 days in new pots. I gave them some nutes when i put them in new pots but just some water since. What y’all think?

They look fine… the little yellowing on the lower bottom right… is that new? N take photos in normal lighting please

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No i noticed a day or two ago just looked more yellow today. I gave them some water yesterday. Theyre in ffof so i havent given any nutes since trans plant.