WWA led light how low can you go?

Ok i have 4 WWA day 14 from sprout in a 4x4x80 under a viper spectra 900. They were put under it at 1 week old. i started at 40 inches as instructions say but looked to be stretching so i have been lowering a little every day
down to 32 now, leaves look good no curl or droop they are straight out . So now two part question light is on veg only so if and when or is it even better to turn both veg and bloom on and how high should it be what do you all think?

Depending on how good a job they did in separating the necessary spectrum for veg and bloom on the light, I would say there isn’t much benefit to having the bloom setting on during veg. I’m not an experienced grower, but I would guess it’s likely just a waste of power.

The light will use more electricity to have the bloom spectrum on and it’ll generate more heat.

In terms of distance to top of canopy, every light and plant is different, but you’ll likely end up in the 18" to 26" range.

You can out it a foot away and won’t hurt them.

I use the Amazon Chinese LED lights for veg and keep only the grow switch on. I let the plants get as close as they want which is usually around 8".
The bloom switch throws in 50-100 watts of red which I’ve found to be a waste in veg @Haildamaged

@Haildamaged I would turn both switches on throughout the entire grow I do on mine and I can tell a difference between doing veg then bloom I both I’ve done hours of research nd it Benefits my plants for sure


I think it’s tough. Most of the amazon blurples don’t show spectrums. So the bloom and flower switches might be moot. When I grew with blurples I just threw all the lumens I could at the plants.

Thank you all for the input i have not grown since the late 70;s ( at least not weed) all i know is mother natures way. i will be asking more Q;s for sure . if you can see in the pic on my profile my greenhouse at the end of pool will be in use this fall/winter because i have 20 Super skunk fems and was gifted 6 lucky charms seeds for it and my way to big garden :slight_smile:

i love light so i may turn both on the 2 platinum 150’s in my 5x5 tent with 4 WWA but they are only a week old so i will be carefull. the viper spectra 900 in the 4x4 tent seems really bright on veg and brighter on veg/bloom but not near the red hue of the 150’s its red tho on just bloom i may go with both on for a bit i have 4 WWA 2weeks old in it i will take pics to compare how they do .

thanks yall @skgrower @Hogmaster

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If you’re doing autos, both switches should be on anyway. I defer to @Hogmaster on this one. I’m just too cheap to use the extra watts and heat that goes with it @Haildamaged

I did it with fems and autos but yeah a little more heat but more light too

I am really lucky my house is two stories with separate heat and air for up and down i had a theater room up there but now its my grow room its 20x16 there are 4 rooms up there with jack and jill bath rooms for each side so water is close i took a 6"duct and ran it from one of the two air ducts in the room and split it to both tents its 95 outside today and 69,5 and 70 deg in the two tents w/ 50% humidity have a 6" blower and carbon filter but just using the blower right now i can vent to a walk in attic that vents up on roof for later on only cus my wife says not to smell up her house i still cant believe im growing in my house in conservative okla lol
again thanks for yalls input @hogmaster @skgrower

i want a 10x 10 next year mabe for christmas huh

also the veg only is on in both tents at this time look at the red from the two advanced platinum 150’s compared to the vipar spectrum but i have both on now in both tents


these gals are WWA 12 days old from sprout in rapid rooters the lower right had a accident in putting her in the fabric pot was dropped (yes i kicked my self for that) but she is ok i think
@hogmaster @skgrower

BTW ILGM seeds are 9 for nine germs :grinning:

5 days old WWA in 5x5

I had my vipra 600 down to 18 inches. Seedlings were flat. It’s 12 now.

thanks all info helps @Newgrwr2018

here they are today with lights on veg and bloom around 18 and 20 inches high now

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