WWA / ILGM seeds ..... lucky charms bag seeds ... ILGM super skunk fems to follow soon


Wow, auto clones! You don’t see that everyday. Good luck with them.


one thing for sure my son will smoke them ,:smoking:


I’m totally curious what will happen with auto clones. I assume they will go right into flower with a single bud each. But that’s just a guess. Looking good though. Fingers crossed I’ll drop seeds tomorrow night. I got a lot of work to do still but the seeds won’t be ready for the big system for a few days. Speaking of that I need some rock wool cubes. I hope Lowe’s has them. :confused:

Edit to say wow can’t believe I’m saying tomorrow finally. Shit just got real lol.


Gotta see what these clones can do


they are 22 days and 1 may have little flowers coming out now but they still may grow little cola’s i mean they were not going to do anything at all under there so a win no madda what… i cloned something and it lived lol
now i have 8 lucky charms charms cloned too!

and wow @DoobieNoobie i am rooting for you man !


Thanks man it’s exciting and a little scary at the same time.


Super Skunk update i think i may call this moderate stress training .

they are pinned down low to the ground

may let them veg for 2 more weeks putting them at about 50 days i have a 5x5 tent for them i want it full of Skunks .

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as all ways happy growin yall



Sounds like a plan to me… n looks like MST works… or should i say plant bdsm. :scream::joy::scream:


They’re looking great! Good job.


That’s an interesting st concept, sort of like a “MST” with scrog effect, do you plan on keeping them down entire grow?


the plan is to scrog fo sho


Man they are bushy. Gonna be pretty good scrog coverage with another couple weeks of veg.


man i love this pic

and she is smelling so sweet too!


skunks on the right lucky charms left going to bring light down to 12/12 over the next week to 10 days

the WWA are out in main room now i think they will be fine.


just a few pics from my multi grow

SuperSkunk fems 9/7/18 @40 days in 5x5 x80 under p600 advanced platinum

my new White Widow Auto’s @18-19 days under 318 watt cmh that was for my green house (sorry maters)
the bott center gal self topped came up all twisted

the one above her had no color she was all most clear but is filling in now bott right has all different shape leaves but looking better too. all these will be kept a little smallish they are in 2 gal ffof topped w/ happy frog so will use FF trio of nute starting soon.

4x4 tent WWA @ day 66 the one on the bott left was stunted a little early on and now has this double cola i call twin towers they may be the thickest of all 4 in this tent

these gals are 56 and 60 days WWA the 2 in back left are 56 days and 46 and 48 inches i hope the fill in they will be massive the bottom left two are 60 days and 44 and 43 inches
the two shorts on bottom are so thick its like midnight under them i am just letting them do their thing!

thanks for yalls support and as all ways happy grown, jimmie

 @raustin @blackthumbbetty @Laurap @PurpNGold74 @DoobieNoobie @Randy1966 @Big123 @Countryboyjvd1971 @Hogmaster @Onlythebest79


Man you’re gonna be swimming in bud before to long lol. You’ve got a serious green thumb.


i need to keep my thumbs green cus my hands both have Dupuytren’s it called vikings disease , had it for 20 years no real crippling pain but with out surgery one day i will not be able to open them i will just walk around lookin like i want to punch everyone lol.


and yes now that i know what it is called i claim to be a viking win for me :fist:


That sucks but good that you keep going.


Yup. Ive said it before. Ill say it again. Thats a boatloaf of friking weed! My my my