WWA / ILGM seeds ..... lucky charms bag seeds ... ILGM super skunk fems to follow soon


Lol Missiles is good here​:wink: I’m going to be stalking my mail lady it a couple days :sunglasses:


well break is over had left over deer spaghetti my son made last night Yummy good !


Oh I love venison. I hear I make a mean country fried deer steaks with morel mushroom country gravy. Hopefully next year I’m back to hunting. I can’t wait to hear your smoke report on the AH. :v::green_heart:


@GreenJewels That is very close to the first meal I made for my girlfriend 30-years ago who happens to be my wife now. Venison with rice is a fam favorite.


Oh, that sounds yummy @Bubblehead I’m going to try it on rice instead of mashed potatoes next time.


We make a little gravy with the drippings. No one likes to miss that meal!


UPDATE Time so get ready yall :grinning:
ILGM Super Skunk Fems 12/04/18 flipped 4 weeks tomorrow


Maui Wowie clone chopped this morning 6 1/2 weeks of flower Wowie!!! fast super sweet and o my goodness what a great smell

ok @GreenJewels and @Missiles these ILGM Blue Berry Auto’s are girls @ 40 days now but dang they are growing different each one under same lighting and water ??? the middle i didnt lst but it looks like i did she leaned on her own :wink::wink: and what the heck is long legged sally doing lol

OK my pride and joy LUCKY WIDOW #1 looks like she took a lot of sativa from mom she did show flowers out in main room under 16/8 but she is in flowering 5x5 tent

this a White Widow from seed about 12/25 found it in my ILGM WWA fall harvest she is a Auto

family shot JBERRY is front and center

My new Auto’s left 3 GGA center 2 CPA… thanks to @DoobieNoobie for the right 3 Auto mazar (#4 is down with big girls)

and a Sour Cheese reg seed

clones from GG#4 and critical orange crush and 5 unknown Diesels

ILGM NLA from 01/15/19

Auto Mazar again thanks Doobie

Miss JBERRY @ 41 days

and the clone room
top shelf left 5 ILGM SSF

bottom shelf left 2 Maui Wowie 5 cops

solo’s skunks . cops. girls scout cookies extrm

ok so there ya go busy busy i be but o how i luv it
(if i wasnt married going on 40 years id move in with um)

thanks yall happy grow’n …jimmie


Dang Jimmie hell of an update! All of your ladies look beautiful. I can’t really pick a favorite lol those blueberry’s look fabulous. I can’t wait to try a lucky widow or lucky charm LOL :grin:


i only planted that 1 Lucky Widow seed didnt think i would get a girl tho lol @OldSchoolGrower should have some going good i hope he said like 10 popped


I remember him dropping the seeds I just hadn’t seen an update on them. I wonder if he got any males :wink:


That’s quite an update! They are looking great. JBerry is looking purdy

I wonder if long leg Sally took a lot of sativa from her parents and the other took more ruderalis ? It is crazy how different they’re growing.


Looks like you got the south 40 in bloom brother! looks good.


Man i swear your living my dream brother … you got another harvest every freaking week man that is so freaking cool … thumb way the hell up man ill be there some day … we found a cool duplex today witha backyard amd a fence and all more like a house then the cracker box im renting now … me and my father have 2 seperate studios in same nuilding so were just colaborating rent and getting a house … definatley gonna have to switch to custom eb builds or. Extremly awsome buys on offerup for a vipar mars or king i really dont want to go blurple but i see you producing solid nugget after solid nugget and i cant argue with that… sorry because we are now going to be paying electric :wink::wink::wink:i dont mind 800 watts of hps when its free … lol i havemt even ventured down the energy consumtion avanue yet


thanks yall i just cherry picked 6 of the 27 solo cup clones to 6 in, pots 3 Girl scout cookies extr and 3 ILGM Super skunks sure hope @DoobieNoobie wants some of these they are ready to go


Do you sprinkle the mykos in with the perlite before you put the plug and some dirt on top with started clone


i am doing a side by side 250 watt QB and a 395 watt vipar r900 (these are from the wall tested by me)
i will grow 2 GGA and 2 auto mazars 1 of each under each light ( its the babies up last update )
i started this on the lab side but i can do some updates from it here too


i paid $250 total for the 240 QB x 288 and $474 for 2 R900 so it breaks down to this 1.00 a watt QB and .60 per watt r 900
now the we need to grow 2 plants each light and compare (honestly as possible ) a final weight and ave grms per watt <<<<<<<<<<<cant wait to see cus i like the idea of using less power to get same or close results


Looking good buddy!


Thats exactly the cerebral avenues ive been trying to wrap my mind around …last apartment was all included… now to be concious of energy… damn this shit keeps getting more and more in depth… lol all jokes aside im glad i was able to experiment with hps as much or as little as i wanted


@fano_man sorry i missed your ? but yes i use a lot of mycos every transplant and in all soil it is a must IMO