WWA / ILGM seeds ..... lucky charms bag seeds ... ILGM super skunk fems to follow soon


Beuriful jimmie ur living my dream brothrr check out my girls man


Congrats, very nice! :+1:


@Haildamaged looking for some guidance on growing a NLA. Did you do any LST on her? What kind of soil did you use? Any quirks to the strain?


i used a living soil i made back in oct 18 i think i got the PH a little low, ( i didnt do a P H slurry my lesson for this grow) she was started with 5 other autos
the critical purples did the worst they had calcium and mag issues all through grow the NL did the best as well as the Gorilla glue the NLA she showed late bloom cal-mag issues but really was a good grow 1 AHA chopped today was fine too but one AHA is weeks behind on flowering weird not showing issues just not fast as her sister

i did add dolomite lime and epsom salt to soil early flower seemed to help run off has been solid 6.5 and ppms started goin down that soil had ppms of 4 k early in grow ended around about 800

i let mother nature do it this time last grow had 12 white widows i topped 3 and trained 3 and let the rest go natural i even took 2 clones and got a zip off one and put the other out in greenhouse and made seeds


i did use 5 gal fab bags and they were under 3 r900 viper spectras 400 watts from wall
stayed at 16/8 whole grow


Thanks for the help. I’ll tag you when I get the next one started.


Please do I will give a smoke report on her when she is cured some


Super Skunk update tomorrow will end week 3 of flip

also some harvest and babies to show too

3 Gorilla Glue Autos 2 Critical Purple Autos (4 Auto Mazars thanks to @DoobieNoobie )
born 02/04/19
i know 1 is missing i can add she is down with the big girls

these 2 were chopped today 1 photo Sherbert and 1 ILGM Amnesia Haze Auto
AHA 74 days she is going to be my git up and go med all cloudy very little amber

Sherbert 11/?/18 ruffly 90 days 56 in flower cloudy with 10% amber

i copped a Sherbert 2 weeks ago cus it hermmed( bag seeds i love um) free but come with risk it was the most trich covered plant i have seen just snow white sticky sweet we smoked a little very nice good high and really smooth for no cure

i will be chooping this GGA in the morning

happy grow’n yall …jimmie


Harvest congratulations!


Like the 3 skunk screen looks like my 4 purps was gonna look but i abandoned the screen and went with tomatoe cages

38 days about


clone room update 27 clones went to solo’s with perlite for a few weeks


green house will be taking 10 or 12… 2 of each strain to take clones from as they are going to be mothers


Nice Jimmie they all look great! You got quite the system going on there :wink:


trying to be at 1 lb per month till about april then step up some with the greenhouse and outdoor garden we will see i need to use free light so my wife loves me again lol


Lol yes happy wife happy life :wink:


Busy busy guy you are. Those clone roots look great. :v::green_heart:


You too??

lmao i fried the poor little girls woopsie


How many days … bro i used this stuff called microbe life root dip and fliar spray as my mist and at 1/10 does then poored half that bottle and refilled with ro so about 1/20th but has humic acid rare earth and photosyntetic enzymes and got rootstock in about 7 days or 8 days


Critical purple in the jar what a nice plant she was

now today’s work 1 CPA chop 1 GGA chop



CPA not done all the way with

also up potted 9 clones

5 unknown (their mom is hangn in closet) but are def diesels into 2.66 gal pots these look like they will need to go outside to greenhouse and use free light w/ some t5 to keep them in veg a while

3 GG4 and 1 more unknown into 5 gal bags they will got to scrog in 5x5 have i more plant to harvest in scrog tent she is a lucky charms 1st gen has 2 weeks left @DoobieNoobie has the mother GG4 it is a huge plant lol good luck Doob

this day is still going were final trimming the AHA and the unknown diesel

Thanks yall and happy grow’n …jimmie


Wow Jimmie it all looks so good! You are farming like crazy there😉 Nice work!


thank you Missiles :sunglasses:

dont know if you want me using your name so Missiles it is lol